This most recent entry in our series on tyre comparisons. In this post, PitStopArabia will discuss Yokohama and Kumho tyres. In this blog article, we will just compare two tyres, as opposed to the standard comparison of four tyres.


The Yokohama G051 is the all-season highway tyre. It is ideal for small to large CUVs and SUVs. The tyres are not suited for continuous use on off-road surfaces. So, consider obtaining a new pair of tyres if you routinely drive your SUV through mud or mountains. The G051 has many benefits for everyday driving.All-terrain tyres for crossovers and SUVs are one of the many categories in which Falken, which first entered the American market in 1985, is today a reputable brand. See Falken Tires Review.

The tire’s composition and design, first, guard against uneven wear. As a result, the tyres provide excellent value for the money. Another great feature of them is their grip on wet surfaces. Because of the waterproof design of the tread, water cannot gather there. Hydroplaning hazards, which are thought to be the cause of serious accidents, are prevented.

The G051 also has cross grooves and rounded shoulders. These two are in charge of making sure that turning stability and short stopping distances are guaranteed. These tyres’ comfort and traction in thick snow are the only features we find to be lacking. According to PitStopArabia and numerous customers, the tyres should have been noisier.Checkout Top 5 Good Quality Tyres on Cheap Prices in the UAE .

As opposed to the G051, the Kumho Road Venture AT51 lets you traverse any terrain without having to be concerned about losing traction or compromising performance. The AT51 offers the perfect balance of use on and off the road. The dual silica material that was utilised in the AT51’s construction protects it from damage caused by protruding pebbles and other off-road-related risks.

The dual silica compound thereby greatly adds to the tire’s greater durability. Kumho, however, also equipped the AT51 with a slew of additional functions. The tyre features full depth, graduated circumferential grooves carved into it that help it grip better in sand-like terrain.

Noise levels are reduced by the symmetric tread pattern’s varied pitch nature. Additionally heat resistant is the tread composition. Early wear and tear is prevented by doing this. Not to mention, the tyre may be used in adverse weather conditions including snow and thick mud. The Kumho AT51 tyre is perfect in every way.


It’s difficult to find anything wrong with the Kumho AT51. In a lot of ways, it performs much better than the G051. For instance, the AT51 is incredibly quiet in comparison to the G051. Customers concur with the idea, which is supported. The AT51 and G051 both let you explore any terrain, but the G051 isn’t made for long-term off-road use. As a result, AT51 emerges as the overall winner.

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