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Check out these 19 absolutely sick, fully free, and ready to download posters from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratories’ visual strategists. Look at these 19 totally amazing, entirely free, and ready to download posters if our Ultimate Collection of 42 Free Art Prints didn’t offer anything to suit your fancy and cover your blank walls with visually captivating art (JPL).

According to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory website, “The director of JPL was on vacation at the Grand Canyon with his wife when they noticed a similarly designed poster that reminded them of the exoplanet posters.

[T]he retro-futuristic poster series, dubbed “Visions of the Future,” was first conceived as a way to honor NASA’s study of exoplanets.

They suggested that it could be nice to apply a similar strategy to the intriguing locations in our solar system that JPL is now studying as a part of NASA. This was done to talk about certain things that are closely related to the work that our people are currently doing and are just on the verge of being possible. The director of JPL has referred to the members of our team as “future architects.”

By going to NASA’s JPL website and selecting “Gallery,” you can read more about the artistic inspiration for each poster (and download them all). As an alternative, you can access the page right away by clicking on this link: Visions of the Future.

What about printing and framing your poster?

It’s crucial to reaffirm the advice we provided in “The Ultimate Collection of 42 Free Art Prints,” which was shared above, as it contains some of our best suggestions for printing artwork affordably and framing it tastefully.

You can get the best deals on printing by using services from FedEx Office, Costco Photo Center, or Staples Printing & Marketing Services. It’s crucial to remember that some printing alternatives are only accessible in-store or that not all Costco, FedEx, or Staples locations provide them. If you are unable to order online, call your neighborhood shop to learn more about printing alternatives and any recommendations they may have.

Make sure that your printing business is aware of the appropriate proportions. According to the JPL website, it is suggested that each image from the “Visions of the Future” collection be printed at a size of 20 inches by 30 inches.

Whatever printing method you use, you should be able to make them work by cutting the edges or printing slightly smaller. You should be able to use our favorite IKEA poster frames, which are all under $30, even though they are either slightly smaller than 20″x30″ or somewhat larger. If you don’t mind a little bit of treasure hunting, we suggest looking through your neighborhood thrift stores and flea markets, where you’re likely to discover a frame that fits your needs for a great price. This frame from Walmart is an alternative that has favorable reviews and is reasonably priced. This Walmart frame gets favorable reviews and is a cheap option if you don’t mind a little bit of treasure digging.

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