How to Register Non-Custom Cars In Pakistan

As Proton is getting more and more attention, people have started to raise some questions and are asking what’s the main reason behind How to Register Non-Custom Cars In Pakistan. And this type of question was highlighted in, multiple domains and because of this, people even got more curious.

So our team and I have gone through various articles and blog posts and gathered as much information as possible. We even contacted some senior officials of Proton and asked them to give their review on this topic.

We all know that Proton Is a Malaysian brand, and it slowly started to rise in 2018. When an event was conducted in Malaysia’s capital city and was hosted by the Ex-Prime Minister Mathair Muhammad, various well-known business people attended the event.

And in that event, Proton announced its new vehicle, the Proton X70, and Proton Saga ACE, and different car lovers loved the designs of the cars, and some even have made an agreement to launch Proton vehicles in their nations.

Reason For Proton To Publish Vehicles In Pakistan:

As mentioned, Proton is a Malaysian brand, and various well-known figures attended the event, which was hosted by Malaysian Ex-Prime Minister Mathair Muhammad. One of the senior members of the Al-Haj Group also participated in the event. Because of them, the deal was signed, and they bright Proton Vehicle’s in Pakistan.

But it was not easy for them because in the first few weeks various gossips emerged and people from their own company started to doubt whether they would succeed or not.

But that’s to the Pakistani people; they had welcomed Proton with open hands, and in the first six months of 2019, Proton made its biggest sale and even crossed the sales target which they wanted to achieve in a year. But occurred in the first six months. And they have already started making preparation for the upcoming year.

What Are NCP Vehicles?

As discussed above, people have started to raise questions about how to clear NCP proton cars and what NCP means. So to provide you all with the correct answer, our team and I have searched through various references and have noted down all the essential details that we think our Proton fans should know.

Now, what are NCP vehicles? NCP is defined as Non-Custom Paid; it’s titled for those cars that are either bought illegally or their duty are not paid. There are various cases where people have bought other brands of vehicles through other means. But those vehicles will be caught in many ways.

So we recommend if you are purchasing a car pay its whole duty first; otherwise, it will be seized and will be imported to the CHAMMAN borderline. There are also cases where unregistered Cars for sale are demolished into parts and are sold to local marketers.

When Purchasing a Car?

As we have discussed above, that there has been a lot of requests for Vehicles globally, and endless people are patiently waiting for their new purchased ride. Now imagine that you have bought the new Proton X70 and you have been provided the time frame in which your vehicle will arrive.

Now you are madly waiting for the dealership to call you that your Proton X70 has arrived. The moment you receive that final message that your new proton vehicle has arrived at the dealership and there you will be told to sign some papers and documents. You can also call them Registration papers that identify that you are the sole owner of that vehicle.

And whenever there’s an occasion that you are pulled over by the authority, just don’t be afraid and be confident. When the officers approach you, just show them your registration papers, and they will see that you are the actual owner of the vehicle and nothing will happen to you,

When Selling The Vehicle?

Let us say that there is a trending post from Proton that they are bringing their most cherished car, Proton X50, to the market. And car lovers are already searching over the internet and trying their best to dig up any information about the vehicle as possible. Some people have already started their preparation to buy the new Proton X70.

However, let us imagine that you don’t have enough money in your pockets, and you need some extra cash. No problem, there is a solution for this. You just need to Post on a social media or website that you are selling your Proton X70. Just like you, other people want to purchase a vehicle for themselves or for their loved ones.

Then they will see your post and will contact you. And one more thing, you will also require your registration form and certificates that let the buyer know that you are the primary owner of the vehicle.

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