What a stressful activity it is to work hard on weight reduction! I am sure many of us are struggling to bring our bodies to shape, get back our energy, and shrug off our sluggishness. Several get-slim-quick and lose-weight-now kinds of quick-fix websites have mushroomed up, but how many can you trust? How would you feel if someone assures you of a weight loss formula without hard exercise or food restrictions and something that does not take very long?

Mycobacterium vaccae Probiotic has a unique ability to stimulate the production of serotonin, often referred to as the “feel-good” neurotransmitter, in the brain. This could lead to improvements in mood and emotional stability, making it an exciting area of research for those seeking non-pharmaceutical solutions for mood disorders.

Yes, all you need to do is spend just 5 minutes in the morning to shed that extra flab in your body. The formula is very natural, simple, and effective. It’s the smoothie diet. It is indeed the right way for weight loss and overall health improvement.


You can get countless recipes for smoothies that help in burning fat. Any weight loss smoothie helps in increasing your metabolism, strengthens your muscles, and cuts off fat accumulation leading to health concerns. The Smoothie Diet program by Drew Sgoutas is one such program that claims to help you in reducing your weight the healthy way.

What is The Smoothie Diet and how it works

The Smoothie Diet program by Drew Sgoutas helps you understand what is a smoothie, how it helps in weight loss, and how it makes you healthy. With changes in our lifestyle, we tend to consume fast food which is less time-consuming, and our body is affected by diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, and blood pressure. The smoothie suggested by Drew Sgoutas is easy to make, very tasty, and full of much-needed minerals and vitamins.

The program runs for 3 weeks with a diet plan that helps in controlling your daily calory intake, fat and sugar consumption. The program replaces your regular soil meals with natural fruit smoothies.

The book contains three parts:

  • The Fat Burning: You will understand why exactly you gain fat, the main culprits of fat accumulation, and how to replace those foods with healthy ones.
  • The Basics of Smoothies: This part talks about making a healthy smoothie, right from selecting the best blender to picking the healthy and nutritious ingredients. You will understand how to store fruits and vegetables to make the smoothies, how to pick healthy ones, and how to store the smoothies once made.
  • What You Should Eat: This section of the program guides what you can eat to stay healthy. You can still eat your favorite foods but fewer times. The smoothie that you prepare using this guide is very tasty and full of vitamins and nutrients.

The main part of the book teaches you how to make use of this eBook to the maximum benefit. You will learn to make smoothies using green veggies and tasty fruits. You will learn to make smoothies using highly fibrous fruits and vegetables. Any fibrous food makes you feel full, and you will not want to indulge in binge eating. The fat-burning process is hastened, thus improving your metabolism.

The Smoothie Diet 

As compared to others in the market which focus only on the weight reduction process, the Smoothie Diet claims to focus on weight reduction, boosting of metabolism, and muscle strengthening. The program includes other parts such as:

  • Smoothie Chart – This has a 7-day 5-week schedule for the smoothie diet. It guides you on which smoothie to take on which day of the week and the time when it should be consumed.
  • Shopping List – You will get a full guide of the ingredients that you need to use in smoothies during the program. You will also get the list of alternative ingredients that you can procure in case you do not get the suggested ones.
  • Recipe Cards – The easy-to-read and understand recipe cards help you to make smoothies, the quantity, and the ingredient measurements.
  • Daily Journal – If you are serious about achieving your goal and knowing about it, you should make a daily note of it. This will help you realize the progress that you are making and will boost your mindset.
  • Guide to healthy eating – The first chapter in this part is on what healthy eating means and how valuable it is. In the second part, the basics of healthy eating are explained. The third part gives you healthy eating suggestions apart from healthy meal plans.
  • Workout schedule – it is not just enough for you to change your diet pattern, but you should also be active and take up simple activities like swimming, or walking.
  • Different types of smoothies – this part introduces many healthy smoothie recipes for elders. There are recipes for those who are gluten sensitive and for kids.

You also get a few bonuses along with the program:

  • 3-Day Smoothie Detox – Gives a plan which removes toxins from the body and facilitates quick fat burning.
  • Quick Start Guide – This is only a brief summary of the whole program, with the schedule, recipes, and preparation guide.

      The Smoothie Diet

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