Led lighting decoration for bathroom and kitchen

Led lighting decoration

The benefits of LED lighting are numerous. They provide bright light while consuming a minimum amount of electricity. Since they are environmentally safe, they can be used in children’s rooms and bedrooms. Differ in durability. Such devices are easy to install and allow you to create an original interior design! You can see how it looks in your bathroom and kitchen at ledco.ca

Led Bathroom Lighting Ideas: Feature of Hidden Backlight

 Soft light fills the room during dimming, and its source is invisible. Such lighting can be created with an LED strip installed in a niche. Diodes are embedded in the flexible strip (8-10 cm wide). You can easily install it around the perimeter of any shape.

 Advantages of hidden backlight:

  • Make a chic interior by turning off the main lighting;
  • It serves as a night light;
  • The combination of suspended ceilings looks stunning;
  • Zoning of space is possible.

 LED Lights in Bathroom Ideas: Original Interior Design Ideas 

Often, concealed lighting serves a functional purpose. LED lighting will be mounted at the bottom of the cabinets in the kitchen to provide additional illumination. A cosy atmosphere and comfortable cooking will result from this. In a niche with lighting, you can highlight a particular decor element. LED lighting frames the mirror on the perimeter of the bathroom.

Hidden lighting can visually lighten massive furniture. Use the shining element to create the illusion of weightlessness under an enormous chest of drawers, beds, or cabinets! The side glow will benefit from a special ribbon to help implement the boldest design choices.

What Are the LED Bathroom Ceiling Lighting Ideas? 

It is essential to have adequate lighting in a bathroom to perform various cosmetic procedures in the most natural way possible. Your lighting will determine the colour rendering. A light source’s coefficient degree is one of the most important parameters determining colour perception. An object’s colour will appear more natural if the light source has a high colour rendering index. 

The Importance of Bathroom Led Lighting

In the bathroom, light fixtures provide sufficient illumination for tasks like shaving, grooming, bathing, and cleaning. One light may be enough to illuminate a smaller bathroom. It will, however, require strategic lighting if it is a master bath. A vanity or ceiling light should also be installed around the mirror. However, they must be positioned to avoid creating glare or strong reflections. Therefore, bathroom lighting must be carefully planned. Determine the floor space, glare, and shadow effects before placing your bathroom lighting fixtures.

 Awesome Kitchen LED-Lighting Ideas

Kitchens are usually the centre of activity: preparing food, cooking, and chatting. Each kitchen area requires its lighting conditions and your own needs. Modern LED kitchen lighting lets you be as creative as you are in the kitchen – and nothing burns. Moreover, energy-efficient lighting also lowers your electricity bill.

Optimal LED Kitchen Lighting For Your Workspace

The work area with storage, the oven, and the sink must be well-lit. While cutting or chopping, avoid accidents and strain your eyes simultaneously. Insufficient light is terrible for the eyes, after all. Ceiling spots provide enough light on a cooking island. In traditional kitchens with wall cabinets, LED lighting is an excellent choice. The underside of the wall cabinets is illuminated from above with long strips of light or individual LED spots.

 Whenever you prepare intricate food, you should use an additional light source that you can adjust and position. The lighting can be battery-operated if you don’t have a free socket. It’s easy to grab the light from the cupboard, clamp it, and start working.

Important Elements For The Kitchen Led Lighting

The most important elements of lighting:

· Basic lighting should brightly illuminate the kitchen at all times.

· Good working light is indispensable in the kitchen. This usually means the work area where you prepare meals.

· Decorative light adds the finishing touch to your lighting plan.

How Can I Use My LED Lighting In The Kitchen?

LED lighting may not be appropriate for all types and sizes of kitchens. When you use kitchen LED lights, you will get stunning effects or great general lighting with low running costs.

Here are some of the most common places where you can install LED lighting in your kitchen to significant effect:


Under kitchen cabinets, LED lights are popularly used as ‘working lights’. LED tapes have become brighter and replaced bulky fluorescent tube lighting in kitchens. The life expectancy of LED lighting is much longer than that of fluorescent tube lighting (up to 50,000 hours at 70% efficiency).


Installing LED strip lighting above your cabinets or over-coving can add a unique feature or provide subtle secondary lighting. We recommend 5W or 10W InStyle LED tape lights for RGB colour-changing lights. LED kitchen lights of these wattages will provide enough light without being overwhelming.

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