Why Every Muslim Parent Should Teach the Quran

As Muslim parents,learn Quran for kids our first and foremost responsibility towards our children, who are the future generation of the Muslim community, is to make sure that they understand the values of Islam from a young age and grow up to be practicing muslims. This will not happen unless we instill those values in them through teaching them about Islam’s sacred book, the Quran, at home. While there are many ways to do this, the best way to do so is by enrolling them in Quran memorization classes. Here are 7 reasons why every muslim parent should teach their kids the Quran

The Quran Fulfills All Needs

1.The Quran is a complete code of life. It has guidance for all aspects of human life, from how to worship Allah to how to deal with our parents, spouses, and children.

2. The Quran teaches us how to live in peace and harmony with others, regardless of their religion or beliefs.

3. The Quran is a source of strength and comfort in times of hardship and tribulation.

The Quran Makes You Successful

The Quran is a source of guidance and success in this life and the hereafter. It teaches us how to live our lives and how to please Allah. The more we learn about the Quran, the more we will be able to apply its teachings in our lives. As parents, it is our responsibility to ensure that our children learn the Quran so that they can lead successful lives.

The Quran Teaches Life Lessons

The Quran is more than just a religious text – it’s a guidebook that can teach us how to live our lives. For example, the Quran teaches us about patience, perseverance, and other important life lessons.

The Miracle of Memorization

The Quran is a unique book of guidance that has remained unchanged for 1400 years. Muslims believe it is a miracle that the words of Allah have been preserved in their original form. The Quran can only be properly understood in Arabic, the language in which it was revealed.

Children Learn Better When They Read in Arabic Language

The Quran was revealed in Arabic, and it is best understood in its original form. When children learn to read the Quran in Arabic, they gain a better understanding of its meaning and message. Additionally, they develop a stronger connection to their religion and culture.

2. They Become More Attentive (three sentences): Children who learn to read the Quran become more attentive and focused. They learn to focus on one task at a time and pay attention to detail.

Reading The Quran Reduces Stress

One of the benefits of reading the Quran is that it can help to reduce stress. In this fast-paced and hectic world, it can be difficult to find peace and calm. However, spending time reading the Quran can help to still your mind and soul. The words of Allah are full of wisdom and guidance, providing a sense of comfort and reassurance. The act of reading and reflecting on the Quran can help to clear your mind, allowing you to focus on what is truly important.

Some Muslims fear Qirat as it might change their status quo

There are many Muslims who think that if they start learning Quran, it might change their status quo. However, this is not true! Here are seven reasons why every Muslim parent should teach their kids the Quran:

1. The Quran is a source of guidance for Muslims: It helps us know what is right and wrong, and teaches us how to live our lives according to Islamic principles.

Learning Qirat gives your children an edge in society

1. In a competitive world, learning how to read and recite the Quran can give your child an edge. They will be able to stand out among their peers and be respected for their knowledge of the Quran.

2. The Quran is a source of guidance and wisdom. By teaching your children how to read and understand it, you are instilling in them values that will stay with them for life.

3. The Quran is a beautiful language.

Memorizing the whole quran makes you successful in this life and hereafter

1. The Quran is a source of guidance and wisdom: It contains teachings that can help us live our lives in accordance with Allah’s will.

2. Memorizing the learn Quran for kids develops our taqwa: As we memorize and reflect on the verses of the Quran, we develop a deeper understanding of Allah’s greatness and majesty. This in turn increases our taqwa, or fear and love of Allah.

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