Best Maintenance Plugins for WordPress

Running a web platform is no joke. A functional website requires its creators and working staff to constantly care about the design and content, security, general updates, social network outreach, SEO settings, and similar, and all of these tasks are time-consuming. Since we are all clear on that let’s go through the best three maintenance plugins for WordPress. 

1. WP Maintenance 

You probably expect the king of this list has at least 10 years of tradition in actively progressing in the field of web maintenance. And you’re right! There are more than 700.000 website owners who bought the product which saves time and money. WP Maintenance will let you design a great landing page that can be used when your site is under construction or for a “coming soon” page. With minimal server requirements and maximal compatibility with all the themes and plugins, WP Maintenance remains very popular among a wide variety of agencies and freelancers.

  1. 2. UnderConstructionPage

UnderConstructionPage PRO plugin for WordPress stands out when it’s about the high level of pixel clarity, great for setting landing/coming soon or sales pages. Pre-defined templates proved to be a success for numerous shops, marketing agencies, newspapers, media, etc., but that’s not all. Customization and extra features like social icons impressed all those who craved a plugin that is easy to set up and that will get the job done. Drag & Drop Builder is extraordinarily simple and an awesome choice for those of you who have no time to waste and need your pages built and ready fast. Flexibility is also a valuable asset of the plugin. Either if you wanted a One-Page site in a form of a shop or under construction, or you need a specific single page is the right word. Traffic Tracking and targeting is yet another awesome feature that will allow you to create inbound links and share them with your affiliates and on social media with a fascinating conversion rate.

  1. Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Last but not least – Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode, for all the fans of simplicity and exact set of features wrapped up in a theme that will serve your business the best. It also ranks high when it comes to SEO setup, straight-up guidelines, and all it takes to put your company on the top of the search results. Secret Access Link represents a feature that will allow your customers to get a glimpse at their web brand as you work on it. Full rebranding of the plugin is allowed, requiring you no coding knowledge. On this one, you change characteristics of the elements such as colors, logo, etc with a single touch directly from the dashboard. 


Do not be naive and believe that web support and maintenance services do not deserve as much attention as other aspects of having a website. In that manner, this article gave you a legit insight into the best three maintenance plugins created for WordPress to significantly reduce your work and allow you to spend your time on some other important matter. 

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