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If you’re looking to start taking free online Quran classes but aren’t sure where to find them, look no further! There are many online options for Quran classes that you can take for free, and here are just three of the most popular. If you want more information about online Quran classes, feel free to click on any of the links below, or scroll down to read more about each option.

Part 1: Get Started

FREE Online Quran Class You can try a FREE online Quran class for up to 3 months and if you find it is not for you, we will refund your money. Why wait? Sign up now!

Part 2: Have Fun Learning About Ramadan

Ramadan is a fun time of year. It’s full of traditions and cultural celebrations that can be hard to navigate, however, if you don’t know what you’re doing or where you’re going. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to make Ramadan an enjoyable time for you and your family; here are three suggestions for having fun during Ramadan:…

Part 3: Get Inspired By The Qur’an

One of my favorite ways to study Islam is by studying The Qur’an. One of my favorite translations of The Qur’an is Yusuf Ali’s, which you can find online or at a bookstore. Studying The Qur’an on your own is a powerful way to take your learning beyond basic text book stuff, and actually draw inspiration from God’s word. It will give you a better understanding of Islam than any book or lecture ever could. If you can’t afford an actual copy of The Qur’an, there are several FREE online resources that will let you read it in English translation

Part 4: Keep Learning About Islam

Learning about Islam doesn’t stop after you’ve memorized a few chapters or completed your first hajj. The religion is a lifelong journey and in order to stay on track, it helps to have guidance from teachers and scholars who know Islam inside and out. Luckily, there are plenty of free online Quran classes available for Muslims from around the world that allow you to learn about your faith on your own time—when it’s convenient for you.

Part 5: Understand Tafseer of the Qur’an

Tafseer of Qur’an is not just a topic in Islamic Studies, but something that every practicing Muslim must know about. Tafseer is an Arabic word derived from two parts: Taf and Seer. Taf means to open and Seer means to explain or clarify. Therefore, Tafseer means opening or explaining a thing or text with details as required.

Part 6: Listen To Audio Recitations Of The Qur’an

One of the best ways you can learn Quran online is by listening to recitations. Recitations are wonderful tools because they teach you pronunciation and help you develop a good accent. They’re also good because they build your confidence in your ability to understand Arabic and increase your comprehension.

Part 7: Use The Mobile App For Android Or iOS

If you’re an iOS user, you can download our Free App on iTunes, or if you’re a Google Android user, then simply follow these easy steps: 1. Download Vozbox 2. Open Play Store 3. Search Vozbox 4. Click Install 5. Done! Part 8: Now Get Started!

Part 8: Meet Other Muslims Online & Offline Through Forums

Meeting people online can make you feel more connected and comfortable with your faith, especially when it is done in an environment where you have something in common. Our Muslim Forums are a place for Muslims to interact online through interesting discussions while meeting others from around the world. This is a great way for new Muslims to learn about their religion and practice it alongside other like-minded individuals.

Part 9: Download The Khutbah Times App For Daily Islamic Reminders

You can get daily reminders for making Dua, reciting Surah-e-Fatihah, listening to authentic lectures online Quran classes for kids, and reading your daily dose of Khutbah Times app. Download it now! : You can get daily reminders for making Dua, reciting Surah-e-Fatihah, listening to authentic lectures online, and reading your daily dose of Khutbah Times app. Download it now!

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