What to look at while choosing the Quran teacher?

The Quran is the Holy book of Islam, which Allah Almighty sends to his last Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Allah Almighty has handed this duty to his Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) to spread this to all mankind. The Quran mentions all the rules, limitations, boundaries, and dos and don’ts to follow Islam. Muslims need to learn about the Quran more precisely as it is the holy book and has many ways to the divine. Allah Almighty has promised himself to protect the Quran till the day of judgment. As the Quran is very important, it is also important to learn the Quran from an experienced Quran teacher, which can make you learn the Quran accurately without any mistakes and errors in your reading. For that, it is very much important to choose the Quran teacher wisely, and they should be experienced.

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Speaker Arabic language 

While choosing a teacher for the Quran, try to find a teacher who is a native speaker of the Arabic language and has an understanding of the language and Quran. In case he is not a speaker of the Arabic language. Then try to find a teacher who knows how to speak the Arabic language and has experience teaching Quran. As the students do not know anything about the language of the Quran at the beginning, they must have a proper guide to teach and help them throughout the learning process.

Holding permission to teach the Quran

When a person is going to teach the Quran, he requires a lot of permission as teaching the Quran is not like teachings, another normal thing. Teachers should have permission to teach the students the study of the Quran. This permission is given by the official of the specific in charge, which tests a person whether it is accurate or not to teach the Quran.

Must ask for experience and knowledge about the teaching of the Quran

When you search for a good teacher to get the knowledge and the study about the Quran, the person you are learning from must be experienced and knowledgeable enough to teach you accurately. There are a lot of students who don’t find a good teacher and end up with a bad experience. So while choosing a teacher for you, make sure you check all the things and get to know about their experiences too. It will make the learning process for you easy and beneficial. Get the idea from, Quran Reading Course.

Make sure to check the background and reviews.

It matters a lot when you study the holy Quran, as this study is not like other normal studies that you have done in your life. For that reason, when you are selecting the teacher for yourself, make sure to know about his academic background beliefs of life and ask a few questions to know about them better. Also, check reviews as this is the important thing when selecting the teacher. With the help of reviews, you will know whether to select them or not.

Method of teaching 

This is super important to know how your teacher is going to opt to teach you the Quran. It means a lot because when a student is studying, it is important to understand the teaching method first. For that, you can ask your teacher to give you a demo class, in which you will know that you are comfortable with the learning process and the way in helping you or not, and then you can approve them.

Manners and habits of the teacher

When you are trying to find a teacher for yourself to teach you the Quran, you should make sure that the teacher is well-mannered, keep a balance between life also, follows the right method given by our religion to live life accordingly as it will make sure that the teacher has the potential and the knowledge about Islam and keeps that maintained.


While concluding that article, it is important to make sure about all the mentioned above. As these are the things that make sure that the teacher from whom you are studying the Quran is worth studying from or not. Also, this is super important to check all those things as studying the Quran is not a normal thing.

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