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Teaching Quran to the kids is the prime responsibility that befallen Muslims. Quran possesses the key to living a successful life and even an afterlife. It is a fundamental obligation for every Muslim to read the Quran and should be a foremost concern to pass it to the next generation. Teaching Quran to the new offspring is the most honorable thing.

Get the idea from, Online Quran Classes for kids.

Online Quran Classes for Kids:

In a time like this where the world’s activity is ceased down. Coronavirus is at a peak, and social distancing is necessary. The question is how to proceed to teach the new era, the Qur’an. Social distancing is required, but we can not abundant our Quran pedagogy. The Public places are e switching on and off due to the coronavirus reaching its peak and slightest; one of the safest ways is to learn the Quran online.

Smartphones practice has been the most in the year 2020. Technologies have been involved most extensively in our lives since the world is evolving, and lockdown have added salt to it and made everyone dependent on technologies. It works from home, and homeschooling has become the new norm nowadays. Why not use technology for incredible welfare and give rise to a contemporary norm of teaching and learning Quran online. Get the idea from Online Quran classes

Is the concern of learning the Quran online adequate for the youngsters? After my many observations, my opinion is yes, it is more effective as it frees kids from the distraction of the surrounding remote from friends and family, but this is fallen over the kids to create a learning environment and ask their family not to distract. At the same time, the study avoids any other social media activity and diverts their attention entirely to online comprehension. 

One of the downfalls of online classes is class participation. It is said that the kids who take online courses are lazier and duller in contrast to the kids who take Quran teaching classes in person. It is of the utmost concern to make kids participate actively in online courses. And shove their shyness away, interact with the tutor, ask questions, and create a mindset to obtain additional information.

Another thing I have noticed in online learning is people rush the process, give it time and take classes, procrastinate one thing at a time don’t try to maintain a lot of things simultaneously. Don’t compare yourself with others while learning Quran. If you’re a newbie, start with a Noorani Qaida. Learn Quran unhurried and deliberately. Only then can kids learn Quran.

Patience is necessary for learning Quran. Stay on your goal and remain steadfast towards it and keep yourself motivated to learn Quran because, in the end, your primary intention is to learn Quran accurately. Practice makes a man perfect. This quote also goes for learning Quran as rereading Quran formulates your approach and causes you not to make mistakes again and again. As prophet Muhammad PBUH said,- He who studies the Quran is like the owner of tethered camels. If he keeps a hold over them, they will stay, but if he lets them loose, they will go away.” So the kids must revise the Quran to be flawless in reciting the Quran and bring their recitation to perfect.  Learn about the Female Quran Teacher for kids.

Also, schedule reminders for your lessons regularly so you don’t forget and miss them. It is vital to attend all classes and be consistent and regular to learn Quran online.


Every aspect of teaching may now be done over the internet in the world we live in. Online education covers various topics, modules, and complete courses. Quran is now available, in a way that was never believed possible, to kids and adults worldwide, in all corners of the planet, through online Quran classes for kids and adults. Anyone with access to the internet can learn the sacred word that God has placed on humanity. Not only that, but the teaching provided would be of the highest quality. Hundreds of instructors are available to teach Psychology Articles over the internet, each with their teaching style, expertise, and degree.

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