Tips for Maintaining Your CPAP Machine Bought in Canada

CPAP Machine Bought in Canada

 Buying a CPAP machine from an appropriate store in Canada is very important to ensure a patient suffers from sleep apnea gets the best device. However, equal importance must be paid to the maintenance of the CPAP machines for their durability and proper functioning. Regular maintenance does not only increase the useful life of the device but also makes sure you get the best of your therapy. The following are some tips which can help to maintain the Canadian bought CPAP machine adequately. 

 Regular Cleaning of CPAP Equipment

One should keep the instructions of the cleaning of the CPAP machine in mind for taking proper care of it. It reduces the accumulation of dangerous germs, molds, as well as other allergens within the house, when done every day. Here’s a simple cleaning routine:

  • CPAP Mask: Put on a new one and wash the used mask with warm, soapy water every day. Collect some water and pour it on your body, take a mild soap that does not have any scent and wash yourself very well. It is also important to ensure that, the mask is allowed to dry before its next use especially if it had been washed. 
  • Tubing: Clean the tubing at least once in a weak at least. It needs to be thoroughly washed with warm water, preferably with the addition of some soap, swirled around, and then washed once more with clean warm water. If possible, allow the tubing to air-dry by suspending it over a shower rod or any similar item. 
  • Humidifier Chamber: If your CPAP machine has a humidifier then you should clean the water chamber of the machine daily. Drain what is left of the water, wash the chamber with warm water and leave it to dry on its own. Cleaning the chamber – once a week is even enough – and using any mild soap or a solution made from vinegar and water. 

 Filter Replacement 

 Any CPAP machine has filters that have to be changed frequently so that the air that the machine draws in is clean and the machine is working correctly. There are two types of filters: 

  • Disposable Filters: These should be replaced every February April or any time as may be recommended by the manufacturer. 
  • Reusable Filters: These should be cleaned at least once a week and the replacement should be done every after three to six months. 

 Maintaining the filter appropriately ensures that dust and any irritants do not get into the machine and consequently, into your respiratory tract. 

Inspect for Wear and Tear

Check all the parts of the CPAP that is in use for signs of deterioration. It is also important to observe worn, damaged, or visibly soiled elements of the mask, tubing and headgear. Any damaged parts should be replaced in order to get effective position in the therapy. Like most other stores across the nation, most CPAP stores in Canada also sell replacement parts, so your equipment are well maintained. 

 Do not expose your machine to Water and Dust 

 Your CPAP machine should be stored on a flat ground on a clean area with low humidity and no exposure to direct sunlight. Do not put it on the floor since this will lead to more suctioning of dust and dirt on to the machine. It is recommended that if you use a chamber humidifier, then you should use distilled water to avoid mineral deposits on the chamber. 

 Regular Machine Check-Ups 

 One should also visit a CPAP store Canada for check-ups often in order to be sure that the machine is working appropriately. In many stores, there are maintenance services where one can get their machines inspected and worked on. Semi-annual or annual check-ups will help to detect possible problems on time and maintain your equipment in proper working condition. 

 Proper Storage 

 Other instructions to be followed include; Ensure that when your CPAP machine and parts are not in use, they are kept in a clean, dry environment. One needs to ensure that it is packed in a storage bag or case to prevent airborne dust from settling on it and scratching. Make sure the tubing is not curled or bent, this will lead to leakage and inefficiency of the machine. 

 Travel Tips 

 If you are a business, frequent flyer or a long-distance driver, there are portable CPAP machines available. During packing, there is need to ensure the uppermost protection of the CPAP machine and the accessories. Also, always pack a tiny bottle of distilled water for your humidifier and a carry-on cleaning set to keep your practice going on the road. 

 Monitor Humidity Levels 

You may also get comfort by using a humidifier since it reduces on dryness. Though, it is necessary to control the degree of humidity not becoming too high because it will cause the appearance of bacteria. Use the humidifier controls to alter the output to accord to the prevailing set humidity as well as the occupants preference. 

 Software Updates and Upgrades 

Some CPAP machines manufactured today are fitted with software that is upgradable. Visit the store through which you got the CPAP device from Canada or the official website of the manufacturing company for any updates. Maintaining the software helps in the sense that you know your machine is running with the newer and improved versions. 


Taking care of your CPAP machine that was bought in Canada requires; Cleaning the machine frequently, replacing the essential parts now, and then storing and checking up on it every now and again. The aforementioned guidelines will help you maintain the efficacy and durability of your CPAP machine, hence improving your condition and response to sleep apnea. Getting help from a trustworthy CPAP store in Canada when it comes to maintenance is beneficial and can help maximize the benefits of your choice of therapy of a CPAP machine.

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