How Hot Foil Stamping Works in Printing & Packaging

While walking into a wonderful and glamorous retail shop, one can find wonderfully beautiful products having shining product logos and attractive custom packaging and custom designs to elevate and enhance the elegant appearance of the product as well as representing the brand in its true manner. Many times we receive a packaging or a gift that a loved one has brought you and you find the packaging equally attractive and appealing as the quality of the product such as the box of chocolates or custom cookie boxes or a box of beautiful jewelry items. The credit to such customize Packaging and appearance goes to foil stamping that allows the product packaging to have a lustrous, attractive, and flashy effect. One of the important aspects is to find out what foil stamping is.

What Is Foil Stamping

It is a specialized printing process that includes various printing elements such as dies, foil film, metal dies, heat, and pressure. This type of foil utilizes rolls that come in a wide variety of colors and an immense range of optical effects. Most commonly used metallic foil includes silver foil, gold foil, copper foil, and holographic foil, etc. that comes in both glossy touch and matte finish. Earlier foil stamping was being done through an old approach using custom engraved dies and also handset lettering.

How Hot Foil Stamping Works In Printing Process

Foil Stamping is the same as the process of engraving and letterpress because the process involves the color being applied to paper with quite a pressure. After the design is being finalized, the required metal dies for the design being finalized is created for each shape and color to fit a particular design. The design is heated and stamped by using pressure to ensure a thin layer of foil is sealed on the paper. Ach color is applied separately by using multiple runs of pressure creating the finalized design.

Digital Foil Stamping

In a digitalized foil stamping process the entire procedure is quite similar to the traditional foil stamping procedure but the only point of difference is that instead of using pressure to create the required design on the product custom packaging design using a metal die, a digital printer is being used that involves a specified type of foil that sticks to the surface of the design shows that there is no requirement for multiple passes for that stuff within the printer for custom packaging design that involves various patterns and foils colors. Get the idea from custom cupcake boxes.

Benefits of Foil Stamping

Increase Sense of Innovation

The foil stamping packaging provides the product with an increased sense of innovation and sophistication in the product packaging that allows the product to stand out amongst the other products in the market. The consumers these days are not only focused on the products and its quality but also the kind of packaging it comes with.

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High-Quality Product

Foil Stamping introduces your product as a high-quality brand lip liner custom packaging into the required target market amongst your audience. The overall packaging creates a huge impact in the minds of the consumers and makes your product a distinguished one when offering great custom packaging solutions to the consumers.

Wrapping Up!

Foil Stamping involves a great amount of innovation and a digital approach that may not only complements the overall printing technique but also enhances the quality and beauty of the product in the best manner possible that makes your brand quality and trustworthy brand in the minds of the consumers and makes the product a standardized and superior quality product to have which is the source of customer satisfaction.

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