A Guide to Living Your Best Life, supported the religious writing

The religious writing could be a book that provides U.S. a good deal of data and words of recommendation on however we must always behave and treat others. Muslims contemplate the religious writing to be the word of God, an equivalent God adored by Jews and Christians, UN agency area unit spoken within the religious writing as individuals of the Book. The steering contained inside its pages has evidenced to be unaltered  and applicable in any society or period, that makes it helpful to anyone notwithstanding whether or not they area unit non secular or not, notwithstanding their cultural background or upbringing.

There’s only 1 God

The ultimate purpose of life is for U.S. to be in total submission to God. It’s not regarding accumulating wealth or living extravagantly; rather, it’s regarding finding happiness and satisfaction with no matter we’ve got. thus if you would like your life to essentially count, return to basics—you and God. Worship him in accordance together with his guidance; let nothing else stand between you 2.

Believe in God

Allah (The One God) has told U.S. that we must always worship Him and solely Him. Quran Memorization that’s why Muslims use prayer as a method of communication with God. it’s the simplest way for U.S. to inform God what proportion we tend to love and appreciate him. The 5 daily prayers area unit referred to as worship and that they area unit a necessary a part of Islam. they’re performed 5 times each day, at dawning, midday, mid-afternoon, sunset and fall.

Pray 5 times each day

Praying 5 times each day is one among the foremost elementary practices of Islam. Prayers area unit usually done at dawn, noon, mid-afternoon, sunset and evening. once laundry up and obtaining wearing clean garments (ideally worn just for prayer), Muslims head to a house of God or quiet place for prayer.

Read the religious writing daily

The inspiration behind reading any nice work of literature is commonly what you’ll learn from it. an equivalent is true for Islam’s holy book. If you conceive to reading a number of its verses each day, additionally to alternative acts of worship (like prayer), you may develop a deeper appreciation for Moslem teachings—as well as additional peace and happiness in your life.

Give your word; keep it

The Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم educated his followers however necessary it’s for U.S. to stay our word. regardless of what type of state of affairs we tend to’re in or what reasonably circumstance we could realize ourselves in, perpetually|we must always} always be respectful and honest. ne’er provides a promise you don’t shall fulfill; otherwise your name can suffer greatly and you’ll be thought of as a trickster. make sure to follow through with any commitments you make-and do thus with sincerity and thoughtfulness.

Forgive however  don’t forget

One of Islam’s tenets is forgiveness. perpetually|we must always} always Associate in Nursingd} move past an argument and forgive people who have wronged U.S.. Forgiveness doesn’t essentially mean material possession somebody off scot-free or forgetting what they did—it’s additional regarding learning from associate expertise and moving forward with a positive perspective. In several cases, it’ll be tough to search out peace in your heart till you find out how to forgive somebody for one thing he or she has done against you.

Respect those in authority over you

Given that you’re a servant of God, with religion and love in your heart, it’s necessary that you just conjointly respect people who area unit in authority over you. Learn Quran we tend to is also equal as kinsfolk created by God; but, there’ll possible come back a time after we have superiors or supervisors in our lives UN agency we’d like to concentrate to and follow. The role they play is one among steering and leadership; treat them with respect and deference.

Help those less lucky than you

Helping others builds character and could be a rattling reminder that not everybody has it pretty much as good as you are doing. per CNN , folks that volunteer live longer and healthier lives than people who don’t volunteer. A profit like that’s one thing that can’t be place a tag on—so pay it slow volunteering. You won’t regret it!

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