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Classes for Kids While most people may know that the Quran Classes is the holy book of Islam, few people know much about what it actually says, or what it means to follow its precepts. This lack of understanding can make it difficult to pass on your knowledge of Islam to your children, as you have to start from scratch to explain concepts like why prayer time is so important and why Muslims only eat food that has been prepared in certain ways. However, this doesn’t have to be the case if you use our Online Quran Classes for Kids!

Fun And Enjoyable Learning Style

The best way to learn a new language is to make it fun, enjoyable, and interactive. This is why our online classes are specifically designed with games that get your child engaged while they retain information and grow in confidence. By making learning an interactive experience, we break down barriers often associated with foreign language studies. Our sessions are comprehensive, yet tailored to each individual student’s needs and ability level.

Individual Attention

Our online Islamic classes ensure that each student receives individual attention. Learning how to recite Qur’an is a team effort, but it should never be a competition. Our instructors encourage students of all ages to work together, developing strong bonds as they build their knowledge of Arabic.

No pressure

As someone who’s been through it all before, I know that learning to read and memorize Quranic Arabic can be a daunting experience. For many kids, it means hours of drudgery practicing on their own at home. In my online classes, I remove all pressure from my students. There are no exams or assignments; we focus entirely on understanding, having fun, and mastering what you’ve learned in class. This makes learning Quranic Arabic interesting for everyone—and guarantees a successful outcome!

Easy To Understand

First, make sure that your explanations are easy to understand. This means you have to make sure that you use words kids will understand, have fun examples kids can relate to, and use a teaching style that will keep their attention. For example, look at our lesson on how Allah has created all of us out of water: · The way in which man comes from his mother’s womb is similar to how rain comes from clouds in the sky. Both are water!

Designed For All Levels

While kids are usually fast learners, it’s never too early to start learning how to read Arabic. We’ll teach your child how to read Arabic in a fun way with an approach designed for all levels. We begin at beginner level with sounds and build up from there by teaching your child how to identify letters, words, sentences and eventually whole Quranic chapters. Your kid will learn Quran online step-by-step, but we make sure each lesson is filled with fun activities that make it enjoyable. Tajweed

If you’re concerned that time is going to be hard to come by when you have kids, don’t worry. Learning Qur’an isn’t like learning math or science—and it doesn’t require a lot of complex instruction either. So if you can carve out 30 minutes, even just once a week, that should be enough time for your child to get off on a good start.

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