Top Five Ways to Impress Your English Professor

Language and literature are intertwined. One cannot exist without the other, and very few languages have as much literature as the English language. This abundance of literature has allowed teaching English to be a highly respected profession. Nowadays, being a professor of English is considered an honour. So, it is no surprise that English-major students or literature students try their best to impress their English professors. It is no easy feat.

Most English professors have high standards when it comes to grading any form of an article written in the English language. They examine papers using a multitude of points, which can make it hard for students to get their desired approval. Students try various methods that include hiring an online custom essay writing service to impress their teachers.

Here are five specific ways to impress your English professor:

1. Use .EDU and .GOV Sources in Your Essays

Educational and governmental sources provide a lot of credibility for your essay. If the essay has a lot of research materials, then adding certified EDU and GOV sources can solidify the claims made in the essay. Official educational and governmental references are some of the few credentials approved by every institution.

If they are used, no teacher can refute the evidence provided. This helps strengthen the essay and its contents. This will surely catch the eyes of your English teacher.

2. Use Varied Sentence Structure

How one writes an essay shows an insight into their overall literary capabilities. An essay or any article can get monotonous if the same sentence structure is used over and over again. Making alterations to those sentence structures can help the paragraph or essay to be more engaging.

Changing up the writing styles of each sentence can be a breath of fresh air to the person reading it. English professors also keep an eye out for students who write their essays with a variety of sentence structures.

3. Try Using Conversational Tone to Argue Your Topic

A conversation is what happens when there is a set of dialogue between two or more parties. Conveying a conversational format of argument in an essay can help get the points across to its readers. This kind of flow of writing helps readers to dive into the topic and understand its contents well. An English professor will be impressed by such a unique method of writing.

4. Cite Your Sources Properly Every Time

References or a bibliography are a major portion of writing an essay. When a writer takes references from various sources to make the content reliable, they must provide the sources from which they took the information. This is considered as an act of respect to those researchers. Additionally, it also prevents any form of plagiarism claims. Citing such sources properly will gain the trust of your English teacher.

5. Get a Professional Essay Editor

Writing is not for everyone. So, there is no shame in getting some assistance from any kind of online or offline professional essay editor. Sometimes an online essay writing service can help create wonderful essays that can captivate your teacher.

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