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What would you say if I told you there were online Quran teachers that make learning the Qur’an easier, faster, and more interesting than you ever thought possible? Even better, what if these online Qur’an teachers made learning the Qur’an easy enough that your kids could do it too? You don’t need to look any further than our free trial class to find out how simple and effective this can be. We have the best online Quran teachers who make it easy to learn the Qur’an with speed and fun!

Who Are We?

You might think it’s difficult to find an online Quran teacher, but with OWT you can find classes, teachers and free trials all in one place. Online Quranic teachers who come to OWT learn traditional tajweed (Quranic recitation) while they build their own virtual classrooms and attract more students. The leading online Quranic schools at OWT have over 100 years of combined experience teaching Islam’s holy book as well as other subjects. Whether you want to learn to read Arabic or read a translation, our leaders will help you perfect your skills and share their knowledge with other like-minded members. We provide answers and connections that meet every student’s need in a friendly environment where everyone learns something new. Find an online Quranic school today!

Benefits of Learning Quranic Arabic Online

Learning Quranic Arabic online means being able to learn at your own pace. This gives you complete control over how fast or slow you want to go, which is especially important for beginners. In fact, a study found that those who took lessons in class progressed faster than those who studied on their own. While learning Quranic Arabic online allows you to take as much time as you need and devote it when convenient, there are several benefits of taking a course from our top online Quranic Arabic teachers.

What do we offer?

The best online Quran teachers will teach you how to learn Quran online. Whether it’s your first time reading or you just want to brush up on your current knowledge, an online class is a great way to study. Just like in classroom settings, our online classes provide students with live feedback and answers any questions they might have. Learn quickly, confidently and fluently by studying with us today!

Registration Process

When you sign up, we’ll ask for your name and email address. We will then send you a username and password via email so that you can login to our system. Once you are logged in, our teachers will add your name to their class roster and begin scheduling your classes with them immediately.

Things to Do Before Starting Our Course

Take care of yourself and learn your kunya and ism, so you can fully benefit from what we’re offering. You can study up on these topics at an online Quran teaching website like Qari Muhammad, who offers a free 14-day trial to help you get familiar with their teachings before committing to a longer term study plan.

How Do We Prepare Your Child For His/Her First Lesson?

We will be sending you a registration email with detailed instructions on how to prepare your child for his/her first lesson. Your child should have memorized at least 3 short surahs (Chapters) of Quran or a total of 30 pages before starting classes. Depending on your …

rom our online teacher for kids perspective, we want to offer children top-quality education. It’s not just about drilling them on specific verses or basic memorization; it’s about helping them develop important cognitive skills, such as analysis and critical thinking. When you sign up for online Quranic learning, you’ll receive teachings from teachers who have years of experience in Quranic studies and teaching methodology. Plus, our courses are standardized across teachers to ensure that your child is getting world-class education regardless of which teacher they have access to! Online Quran Academy offers Online Quran teaching for kids Learning at home for both kids and adults. It is run by Qualified Online Quran Teachers. Quran Academy’s central goal is

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