Online astrology or traditional astrology – which one is better?

traditional astrology

Astrology is essential to predict the future or to live a happy life with some terms and conditions. There are some of the best astrology apps available on the internet. These apps will help you know all the astrology-related things at home by paying a certain amount. It is easy to use and time-saving. On the other hand, traditional astrology requires more time because astrologers take time to analyze your Kundli and horoscopes. It is becoming difficult for normal people to believe which one is better for them.

Here are some reasons and differences between traditional and online astrology:

  1. Focus

Online astrology mainly focuses on modern astrology. It is more psychological and character-oriented. It works on an astrology chart that maps your mind. Traditional astrology looks at your external circumstances and accordingly tells what can happen to you. The main focus of conventional astrology is the situation and events happening around us.

  • Working

Online or Modern astrology can consciously subscribe to an open-ended. Your natal chart helps show certain tendencies that can be changed or negated according to hard work and positive thinking.

Traditional astrology is mainly based on fate. It provides another point of view to see the world. You do not need to transcend your chart to understand or divine your place in the overall order. In traditional astrology, you align yourself with the universe and know how you can fit in it.

  • Planets And House

Online astrology uses western astrology techniques to give the result. It does not care about the sense of planets being positive or negative. It helps to view all charts as fortunate equally, and everyone has an equal chance for a successful life in the usual terms. There are several online astrologers on various websites or applications.

Traditional astrology works on evaluating the condition of planets, sometimes fortunate and sometimes deplorable. You can predict astrology with the movement of planets. Planets can be naturally beneficial, while some are naturally disruptive or malefic. Everyone’s natal chart is different from each other, and every planet has a different effect on a particular person. Some people want a good marriage, wealth, and life to study astrology.

Hence Traditional astrology is most likely to focus on a realistic evaluation of a chart and how it will work in your life. It does not bother about the psychological description of how wonderful and spiritual you are from the inside. It recognizes the negative impact of the chart.

Technical Differences Between Traditional And Online Astrology

Traditional astrology does not use any modern twelve-letter alphabet, where these signs are equivalent to planets. If a world is available at the 10th position, it has nothing to do with Capricorn, and a planet in Taurus does not deal with money.

The house is entirely different from all the signs, and it does not follow any sequence of psychological development going around the wheel. The 5th house is for children, and the 7th house is for marriage. Some damaging dwellings, like the 8th house, are for death, not transformation. The 6th house is for illness and not healthy.

Online astrology creates zodiac signs based on the season, while traditional astrology deals with the actual constellation present in the sky. Traditional astrology deals with the strength and weaknesses of the planets.

Should You Believe In Online Astrology?

As everything is shifting towards online mode, you may also require online astrology because it saves time and cost. Everyone must ensure that their data is at risk if they consult an astrologer free of cost. Not all online astrology applications are unsafe but beware of the frauds happening on behalf of astrology. People also trust them because these online astrologers fear them by predicting the worst future. You must always find out who is behind the screen in online astrology.

You can also believe some online astrology applications or websites that provide video or face-to-face contact with astrologers. These astrologers may follow traditional astrology methods.

Should You Believe In Traditional Astrology?

Traditional astrologers look at natal charts and every method to show the prediction of astrology. They look at the position of the sun, moon, and planets. These astrologers mainly focus on answering specific questions about their areas of life. It will predict the events with planets. Traditional astrologers are more accurate than other astrologers. Traditional astrology may have some chances of failure, but it may sometimes fail. Astrologers look at multiple perspectives simultaneously and give you the best results.


It is difficult to say which astrology is better because both have different pros and cons. People believe in traditional astrology more than online astrology because of several frauds. People can connect with physical astrologers in a better way than online.

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