Norstrat, its Purpose, and its services

The CCGS Amundsen has been a major catalyst in revitalizing Canadian Arctic science by giving Canadian researchers and their international collaborators unprecedented access to the Arctic Ocean. (CNW Group/ArcticNet)

Ever questioned who Norstrat is and what it does? So, if you’re interested in starting a business, you should learn more about Norstrat, its goals, and the services it offers because doing so could speed up the process of developing your business growth strategies or removing any roadblocks.

What is Norstrat?

The Canadian Northern Strategy is being put into action in stages, and Norstrat was established for the express purpose of assisting its clients with the various activities involved in this process. The chief executive officer of this consulting firm, Lee Carson, was responsible for securing Canadian contracts worth over two hundred million dollars. Large-scale infrastructure projects that are being funded by the government are the primary area of concentration for the company.


Norstrat was established in 2010 by the Canadian Armed Forces and representatives of the Canadian Government working together. In the beginning, there was only one office, and it was situated in Canada. However, as time went on, it expanded to include several different offices across the United States. Since that time, it has offered public relations efforts and the desired telecommunications marketing services, in addition to providing digital marketing strategies for the products of its international clients.

In addition to that, it offers its services to people who are in the early stages of their professional careers in the relevant industry. It employs renowned professionals who are experts in campaign strategy and business development to accomplish its primary objective, which is essential to direct and assist the businesses that are leading in design and development. To do this, its primary objective is to direct and assist the businesses that are leading in design and development.

Services Offered by the Company

Norstrat offers a wide range of services, such as public relations, digital marketing, and food and beverage PR (SMO).

  • Project description and management support
  • Training in strategic business development
  • Recording and bid support
  • Description of purchase strategy
  • Description of performance requirements
  • Memorandum to Cabinet
  • Demonstration of story expertise
  • Strategic advice on one’s Northern Strategy campaign
  • Marketing research, strategy, and identity design
  • Digital consulting

Because of Norstrat’s strategic partnership with Hill & Knowlton Strategies, the company has access to more than 400 professionals working in the community service sector. It has been of great assistance to a wide variety of reputable businesses in the timely accomplishment of their objectives.

Additional training programmes, such as leadership programmes, business training programmes, workshops on franchising and entrepreneurship, and professional development programmes are all available through this organisation. Trainees who participate in these programmes gain the knowledge and skills necessary to make educated decisions regarding the careers to which they aspire. They maintain current knowledge of the most recent advancements in their respective fields. In addition to this, they improve their soft skills by following formal instructions and participating in practical exercises. They eventually develop the ability to organise both their work and their time effectively.

The company also provides a version of FINVIZ that is designed for individuals who have difficulties communicating due to language barriers; however, a significant amount of content is accessible in the free version for the majority of people’s leagues.

Several different technologies, such as JQuery Migrate, GoDaddy DNS, Google Font API, and WordPress are utilised by Norstrat. It developed a system that assisted oil companies in acquiring as much of the oil and gas deposits as possible from beneath the ocean floor. Additionally, the company has introduced a new underwater search system that makes use of satellite imagery to provide a more detailed view of the areas of interest. It has recently begun the process of commissioning a large number of different private-sector military productions. It has developed into a fundamental component of the public health infrastructure.

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