9 useful tips on how to teach children about Islam

How to teach children about Islam

If your child grows and learn online Quran for kids you are worried about the care of their Islam and the challenges involved, we really understand how important it is to instill the love of God in their hearts.

Children -aged children interact with people from various cultures and religions, and can be very difficult to make them close to your culture and religion. However, by using the appropriate method and learning how to teach children about Islam to involve your children in religious activities, you can allow them to be close to God and learn about religion.


How to teach children about Islam

Let’s make teaching Islam for simple and fun toddlers by removing formal teaching and choosing non-conventional methods. Remember this when you find a way to teach Islamic studies at home to children.

Build connections with Allah

The leading step to teach your children The Quran is to build a strong relationship with God. Tell your children about how compassionate and love God and how he loves children. Tell them about all the blessings of God and how He has created the universe for humanity. In this way, you can make your children bound to God better and attract them to learn more about Islam.

Tell me about the Young Sahabah (Friend of the Prophet)

Children usually learn the most through motivation. Like, when you tell them that some of their cousins ​​get the highest scores in their class, they also tend to try their best to achieve the good at the next time. Likewise, you can tell your children about the young Sahabah who joined the Holy Prophet ﷺ in the journey of Islam.

Some young friends of the Prophet ﷺ including Ali Ibn Abi Talib, who was only 10 years old when he received Islam, Uqba bin Amir who was 14 years old, along with Jabir bin Abdullah and Zayd bin Harise 15 years old. This will motivate them to be among the people who start their journey on the path of Islam at a young age.

Make it fun

The more you involve your children in activities and make it fun, the more they become eager to study the religion of God. This is not only for Islamic studies, it is also highly recommended to teach the Quran to memorize children in a fun way and use different teaching methods along the journey.

Do what you are preaching

What we often forget is that children follow what they see more than what is ordered. If you tell your child to pray 5 times a day, but you fail to do it yourself, it is not surprising him to do the same thing. Also, if you teach your girls to observe the hijab, you must do it yourself too. Be an example of the teachings of the Koran itself because it is the best way to teach children about Islam.

Teach them prayer

Making two is an important part of Islam and a strong weapon for true believers, and many children are not aware of the importance of two to later. What can be better than instilling the habit of making two in it at an early age?

Teach your children to continue to ask God and make two and help them memorize prayers to make in everyday life, such as two for traveling, praying before eating, and praying before you go to sleep.

Get Adapted Prayer Mattresses

It is important when learning how to teach children about Islam to understand that children usually look for logical explanations for whatever actions you expect from them or by making Islamic learning for children as a fun activity.

Build your child’s interest in wrong by giving them a special prayer and online Quran for kids mat that they want to use. Having a prayer mat for them shows that they are big enough to have their own goods and are responsible for praying correctly. You can also set a separate prayer angle for children and also have a Quran together with prayer mats.

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