10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Video In Your Social Media

Video is one of the most powerful tools to enhance your social media marketing. The ROI is higher. People are more likely to click on a video ad than on an image or another piece of content. Video is social. A video posted on Facebook will get a reaction from the viewer, and if you’re clever enough, you can turn that into an engagement. Social media platforms have built-in features to allow users to comment on videos and build subcommunities around videos. 

This is one of the many reasons video has been growing in popularity. You can tell which videos are getting respect by watching how users react to them. The great thing about video is you only need a camera, a good video maker and some sound equipment. You don’t need lighting or expensive gear to set up. This article lists the top 10 reasons you should be using video in your social media marketing.

1. It Builds Trust

When using video in your social media marketing, you’re building a more personal connection with your audience. You can engage with them on a one-to-one basis.

Video is available on all social media platforms, so engaging people across several platforms simultaneously is easy. When you use more traditional methods like blogging or podcasting, you may capture the followers’ attention on that specific platform; however, if you want to reach people across all your social platforms, the video will give you more bang for your buck.

2. It is Easy to Digest

Video enables you to present information in a way that’s easy for your followers to digest and recall later on. Since the information has been presented visually, the viewer can refer back to it when needed without relying on their memory or notes.

Video’s interactive nature means that viewers can share a video instantly with friends and followers in a way that wouldn’t be possible with text-based content such as blogs or articles.

3. It Promotes Engagement

By using video in your social media marketing, you’re allowing users to interact with you. Video allows them to see your brand differently, and they can like and share their favorite parts. That’s what drives engagement.

If they love something, they want to comment on or share it with their friends, and since this also involves sharing that particular thing across social networks, viewers can be driven to engage with your brand more often. That means you’re getting more people interacting with you across multiple networks.

4. It Increases the Reach of Other Social Media Platforms

When you interest people in your brand, they are more likely to follow you on other social media platforms. They’ll see you posting updates on Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. They’ll also see that you have a blog where they can view your latest blog posts to check out what you are up to.

Video is different because it allows viewers to engage with your brand even when they’re not following you across all your social media platforms. This is one of the many reasons video is the best option for social media marketing.

5. It’s Easy to Integrate with Other Digital Content

Video also works well with blog posts. You can embed a video into your blog post or create a completely new post that has a video background as the primary focus of the post. When using video in your social media marketing, it becomes easy to integrate it with other digital content.

6. It’s Easy to Monitor your Brand Presence

When you use video in your social media marketing, you can easily monitor the interaction daily. You can see what people are commenting on and what they’re sharing with their friends because you have the toolbox needed. This helps you see what’s popular among followers and allows you to share that content with other followers on a different social media platform.

You can also monitor what’s getting shared the most to know where you should allocate your time and budget for sharing your brand across all social media platforms.

7. It’s Easier to Understand your Audience

Video is more engaging than text-based content and therefore requires less attention from the viewer. That doesn’t mean that they won’t pay attention, but it does mean that they will be more engaged with the video because it’s easier to follow.

You can also easily gauge the popularity of a video since it’s easy for you to see how many people have viewed it. You can use this information as a benchmark for how well you are reaching your customers on social media.

8. It Enables You to Add Interactivity to your Content

The video makes it possible for you to add interactivity to your content. You can add a call-to-action, make a video call, or use a video clip as part of your posts and blogs.

You can also use videos as part of your marketing campaigns. 

For example, if you’re running an event or launching a new product, you can show off that event or product in a short video clip. When used effectively in social media marketing, video greatly increases the interactivity of your posts and blogs. You can make such videos by using a online video editing tool.

9. It Improves the Visibility of your Brand

When you use video in your social media marketing, you get the added benefit of higher visibility on search engines. Video is a moving image that’s easy for people to find when searching for something related to your brand. That means you get more people finding out about what you’re doing and that they can instantly see how awesome your brand is because of the resources you’ve provided them with via video. That adds a lot of value to your brand overall. When used effectively, video helps make you visible on search engines where text-based content doesn’t do this as easily.

10. It’s Different from Other Types of Content

Video is a great way to appeal to your target market and can increase your reach on social networks when used effectively. That also means that people will be more likely to engage with your brand across multiple platforms. When it comes to social media marketing, video is a must for good results.


When choosing which content to share with your target market across social media channels, video is the best option. It’s easy for you to acquire and use in your social media marketing campaigns because it requires less work.

Using video helps you gain more followers across different social media platforms because people like interacting with videos and want to share these videos with their friends and other followers.

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