TitleRevolutionize Your Sales Growth with RepMove

Sales Growth with RepMove

Today’s conditions of trade relations involve the maximum use of technical innovations. This is necessary to ensure maximum productivity at the lowest level of expenditure of their resources. To this end, it is resultative to use next-generation mobile applications that help distribute the load on sales workers, such as RepMove.

This new application is unconditionally successful in creating a holistic algorithm for your trading, laying trade routes algorithms, concretizing the actions of traders and other staff. Using RepMove, you will take into account all the resources as much as possible, and your employees will not waste time.

Creativity plus functionality in the application

Among the indisputable benefits of RepMove, it may be noted the possibility to set walking and transport routes for traders, improving the order of visiting outlets during working period and interacting with customers. Using the map my route function, you can rationally calculate all the time parameters of the route, the order of visiting customers and replenishing stocks.

A rational calculation of the route gives you an advantage in trading activity, and the functions of the RepMove will allow you to implement a creative approach to creating a trading activity model – use a calendar, databases, the ratio of routes of different employees as a single system.

Easy interface – easy operation

Importantly, RepMove is very ergonomic and easy to use. RepMove presents a wide variety of opportunities to improve parameters of trader’s activity. The RepMove is very easy to understand because everything is simple and clear in it, and detailed instructions will make your work easier.

All sections and functions in the application are distributed logically, and their use takes into account the distribution of the user’s attention. You will find all information about RepMove and its functions on the website https://repmove.app , where our employees will always support you, and the application itself works without failures and freezes.

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