How To Plan and Prepare For Hiking Trip: For Beginners

Nature is full of colourful surprises and wonders. There are so many beautiful places around the globe but sometimes you can’t reach them through roads or by automobiles. And you have to go on hiking to explore the aesthetic beauty. Hiking is one of the great ways to experience outdoor activities with friends and family. No doubt it allows you to enhance the sense of wonder while leaving behind all the worries of daily life. 

Thus, if you haven’t planned a hiking trip yet then this is the right time to plan as there is no other natural way to explore the beauty and enjoy good company away from worries. Encourage your family or friends and pack your bags, but don’t forget your steel toe hiking boots as your trip is incomplete without a comfortable pair of boots. 

Some Of The Benefits Of Hiking Are:

  • Cardiovascular activity
  • It’s a fat-burning workout
  • Increase stamina 
  • Reduces the risk of diabetics,  blood pressure and hypertension
  • Stress reduction 
  • Spending time in nature
  • Great way to enjoy outside
  • Beneficial for me at and emotional wellbeing
  • You get a chance to spend productive time with family and friends. And the list goes on.

How to Plan A Hiking Trip?

It’s necessary to make a plan because slight planning helps you to enjoy a safe and comfortable trip. Let me highlight a few things which are a must while planning:

•Locate the route or journey

As we are living in a digital era, you can search effortlessly about the beautiful locations near your place. You will get the whole guidance online like how long it will take to reach a certain destination and the indication about the difficulties in the path and many more minor details. 

•Decide timings

Determine the time duration, like how many hours or days you are willing to go. Keeping time management helps you to get back on time and saves you from trouble.

•Fitness level

Do consider yours as well as others’ fitness levels who are hiking with you because sometimes you have to cross through the difficult trails as well. 

•Consider weather

Check the weather as you have to dress accordingly and don’t take a risk of hiking in bad weather. 

Essentials to pack for hiking

•Take Sufficient Water And Food

You can’t enjoy a hiking trip without sufficient water and food. Make sure to hydrate yourself and keep drinking the water throughout the day and pack extra snacks for others too.

•Navigation Tools

Don’t forget to bring a compass, map and GPS for the trip. This is how you can locate the specific areas and enjoy the hike without worrying about getting lost. 

•Safety Items

Don’t forget 

  • flashlights as they help during darkness
  • firestarter as they help for giving signals in case of emergency and provide warmth 
  • And whistles for calling group members

•Keep The First Aid Box

Make a medical kit and include all the essentials like bandages, ointments, pain killers, gauze pads and other medications as per your need.

•Clothing And Rain Protector

Remain prepared for sudden surprises. As you can’t predict the weather like sudden rain or storm so it’s necessary to pack layers or rain protectors for maintaining temperature.

•Trash Box

Don’t throw garbage here and there during beautiful routes. Collect all the wrappers in the trash box or take a plastic zipper with you for collecting wrappers. We need to keep the environment clean.

•Bug spray

During hiking, it’s possible to face mosquitoes, bugs, spiders and other insect bites. It’s better to take bug spray, don’t let them ruin your trip.

Choosing The Best Hiking Boots

No doubt wearing the wrong shoes can be dangerous. That’s why choosing the best hiking boots are essential because they are durable and provide protection as well as comfort. Steel toe Hiking boots give great support to the foot and ankle and have a stiffer midsole that provides solace. Hiking boots allows you to go through multiple terrains. Consider a few things in mind


Check the terrain means whether the landscape is rocky, rough, mountainous or woodland. Then choose the hiking boots accordingly. If you are going on a forest land then you can simply wear tall combat boots if available.


Do prefer the light weighted, synthetic material like nylon or polyester if you are a beginner Or you can use boots that are made up of half leather and half synthetic material called spilt grain as they will be breathable. While full-grain leathers are for experienced hikers and they used to be extremely durable.

Final words:

If you want to make your hiking trip memorable, don’t forget to make full planning for a trip, pack all the essentials otherwise you will have to suffer extremely hard and don’t forget the most important thing which is comfortable steel toe hiking boots. Your trip is incomplete without a perfect pair of boots.

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