Things to Avoid While Making Your Blogging Site In 2022

If you are a blogger and run a blogging site, there should be a few mistakes that you need to avoid while making your blogging site if you want your blog to attract more audience. These are a few things one should avoid while making a blog.

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Selecting the Right Niche

Selecting the right niche is the essential part of starting a blog, and most people do wrong people; the most disastrous thing one can do when they are making their blog is not to select the right subject to talk about. One has to give a whole lot of time deciding their niche.

Select something that you are interested in writing about. Don’t pick something you are not interested in turns out you won’t be able to write much on that. Get the idea from, How to sell on Amazon from Pakistan.

Not being serious

Once you decide to start your blogging site, you have to understand that you need to give it your time and effort; this is something you should engrain in your mind. Blogging needs seriousness, and one has to give it the time. So, the one thing everyone should avoid while starting a blog is laziness and non-seriousness. Blogging is business, and one has to do the research and put in the work. If you don’t want to work hard, you should consider dropping the idea of starting a blogging site.

Investing in the right tools.

Set up a few tools before starting your blogging sites, such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console. These tools help provide you with the proper research tools.

Many bloggers don’t invest or use these tools, which further affects their work. So, the right thing to do would be to invest in good things that can make the work better; not working on these tools will be a wrong decision. 

Not finding the proper help.

Before starting the blog, one has to understand that they need help some guidance from maybe a mentor who has been working in this related field. It is essential not to be so overconfident it is essential to understand doesn’t matter how much you think you can do this we all need help, and not acquiring any guidance would be a big mistake, that something everyone needs to avoid, asking a mentor will mean that they will share their experience and also tell you the mistakes you have to avoid to make your blog successful, overall seeking guidance is the right thing to do.

A Domain name that does not have value.

After you decide to make a blogging site, the next important thing would be to decide on a domain name; the one thing you should avoid doing would be starting from scratch with a completely new domain name, that will not be easy to get followers as coming up with something completely new would be difficult and will mostly not resonate with the readers. The right thing to do would be to pick up an already used domain name that is not in use anymore and then uses that; buying an already existent domain name would be the right thing to do as it will be good ranking-wise.

Growing connections.

Before starting a blogging site, the one thing to avoid is not to have your blog on multiple social accounts and not connect with other bloggers.

Not deciding logo.

The one thing that all bloggers should avoid doing while starting a blogging site is not deciding the logo; most bloggers don’t decide the logo and the tag line, which is a mistake; most people don’t focus on the logo, color pallet, and the design of the logo. I’m afraid that’s not right as the logo helps make your blog a famous brand, and people differentiate between blogs through logos. So not deciding the logo while making the blogging site is a big mistake.


These are a few things that need to be avoided while making a blogging site. Focusing on these factors before starting a blog is essential and ignoring these would be bad for your blog.

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