Guide to Buying the Right Photography Equipment

If you read this article, you are most likely a photographer who appears who considers to follow your desires and start a photography business. Maybe you have a camera and several lenses, but you ask if it’s enough and what equipment you might need to make it a professional.

When you come to start as a pro like malibu wedding photographer you are much better to spend your money on things like marketing and photography education, as opponents drop everything on expensive equipment. What is saying, your equipment is the heart of your photography business because you can’t take pictures without it. So there are some basic equipment that you need to start and become successful in your new business.

Because the equipment needed for various photography genres varies greatly, we will focus our discussion about the wedding and photography portrait, bread and butter from many photographers who work. This is what you need to start:


That’s right, a plural camera. To become a professional photographer who works, you must have at least two cameras and bring both to take pictures. Having your only camera failed at events that cannot be repeated like a wedding is a definite career killer. So, you need a backup, which is also useful as a second camera with a different lens installed for fast access when time is everything. Having a second camera is also important as a portrait photographer. This not only gives your client a guarantee, but also helps you avoid the cost because you have to reschedule the photo shoot due to equipment failure.

In terms of what type of camera you should have, you don’t need to go down thousands of dollars for the latest and greatest equipment. Full-frame DSLR created after 2011 will make good images and do tricks. You can also take a high -class mirrorless camera made in the last two years, which will definitely be good for portraits and maybe also for weddings. Be sure to check all the camera options used out there, which can save a lot of money. And always a good idea to have your camera is served regularly by the manufacturer to ensure that they are in top condition.


We only register a camera in front of the lens in this article because you cannot use a lens without a camera. Having a quality lens is far more important than having the latest and greatest camera. Along with increasing the color and appearance of your image, having a high quality lens can help you get better images in low light conditions, and increase your chances of making it focus correctly.

What lens do you need? It depends on what you shoot. Many wedding photographers prefer to work with a combination of bright zoom lenses, such as 16-35mm F2.8, 24-70mm F2.8, and 70-200mm F2.8. This lens provides fast access to the most common focus length range needed, with a wide hole to leave more light, and the depth of the ability of the field is shallow. Such lenses often have image stabilization or vibration reduction, which provides better low light performance.

For low and highest light photo shoots in bokeh, wedding photographer bags are also likely to contain at least one width prime aperture lens, such as 35mm, 50mm, or 85mm with a maximum aperture of 1.2 to 1.8.

For portrait photographers, prime numbers are the first choice. Most of your subjects are still, and you have plenty of time to move and enlarge with your feet to frame your shots, so there is no need to access quickly to various focused. Primes as mentioned above offers the widest hole, gives most likely in the possibility of creative, the best bokeh, and the sharpest image.


Photography is nothing without light. The better the lighting you use, the higher the image quality you will produce. So, professional marriages or portrait photographers tend to bring many lighting tricks in their bags.

If you like to use natural light when making portraits, or even at weddings, the best friends you can have are quality disk reflectors and someone to hold it for you. It comes in various shapes and sizes, as well as color and texture. Many discs also have translucent cloth on the inside, which you can use to spread light, and options to use a black surface to block light that you don’t want to include.

Fash and studio lights are more complicated. Do you consider yourself a natural light photographer or not, you must have a strong speed lamp to be installed on your hot camera shoes. Although directing one of them to your subject is an useless effort that will not produce anything other than disappointment, when bouncing from a neutral white surface at an angle of 45 degrees for your subject, you can get beautiful light.

A more expensive choice, but more precise and perhaps professional like reptacular ranch, uses a long distance transmitter to fire lights outside the camera. Did you decide to spend cash for strobo studio,


You cannot be a professional photographer without having a quality tripod and using it. Tripod is very important in terms of portraits because they let you frame your shots, forget your camera, and get involved with your subject by staring at their eyes.

A tripod can also store your flesh in terms of making a large group of people – especially rowdy people who move a lot, as you might find at marriage. Assuming you do not change the focus length settings or zooms when making portraits, using a tripod makes your framing the same for each shot. That means you can then get into Photoshop after that and tame a crowd that cannot be adjusted by cutting the head of the person who closes your eyes or turn away from the camera (and exchange the head with the other frame that looks better).

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