4 Inspiring Custom Paper Bag Designs

If you have ever made a purchase at a retail store, you might go with a shopping bag with your product in it. Have you ever paid attention to the design of this bag?

Although unboxing experience is important, it is as important as a post -purchase customer experience. If you sell clothes in a retail store, run a boutique shop, or work in a restaurant, paper bags provide a canvas that is perfect for you to show off your brand outside your store.

Here are 6 different paper bag designs to help you break the type of paper bag that is most suitable for your brand and product.

Paper bag with a strap handle

If you sell heavy items such as electronics, or fragile items such as wine or glass bottles, paper bags with straps are the most ideal. This handle is made of a rope and is safely bound to the paper bag, custom rigid boxes wholesale allowing it to hold the weight of the item that is heavier.

1 – Apple Retail Bag with a Strap Holder

Handle Apple Retail Paper Bag

Examples of brands that are very well known to use paper bags with straps are apples. With more than 500 retail stores worldwide, it is not surprising that many people visit the Apple Store directly to make purchases.

Considering the high value of Apple products, and various product weight (e.g. from lightweight air pods to laptops MacBook pro heavy), this bag must be sturdy and not broken when customers carry their products home.

In terms of design, Apple has gone with a minimum bag design by just adding their silver logo to the side of the bag, and using a gray strap. Their design is always consistently at least in all products, and their bags are no different.

2 – Body Babs under the handle of the rope

Under the Paper with a strap handle

Under Armor is a fitness brand that sells products ranging from clothing and shoes, to fitness bags and accessories. Like Apple, Under Amour has used a special printed paper bag with a sturdy strap handle as one of their retail shopping bags.

Under Armor has chosen to design a pattern printed throughout the bag, paired with a thick white under armor logo in the middle of the bag, making their brand immediately recognized from afar. Their rope grip is also bright red, in line with their brand color.

Paper bag with a ribbon handle

Paper bags with ribbon grip are ideal for transporting premium and light goods. With a unique ribbon handle that can be adjusted to any shape, size, material, and color, no wonder this bag lifts the appearance and shades of paper bags.

3 – Victoria secret retail bag with a ribbon handle

Victoria secret paper bag tape

It’s no secret (word -words) that Victoria’s Secret is a fashion brand that emphasizes beauty and luxury. Their products range from light clothing to accessories such as perfume and lotion.

custom bottle boxes Considering their products are not too heavy, this ribbon grip provides a mixture of functions and perfect designs. Anyone who carries this bag immediately recognizes the Victoria’s Secret brand with pink lines, further emphasized by the pink ribbon grip.

4 – Marks & Spencer gift bag with a ribbon handle

Marks and Spencer gift bags with ribbon grip

If you want to increase your gift game, you have covered Marks & Spencer. At their retail store, they offer print gifts with ribbon handles that you can buy in various sizes, colors, and quantities.

Their bag design is pre-printed and includes a unique silver text stamp. The color is in line with the theme of the holiday, which includes a good combination between red, white, and green. The ribbon grip is also made of thicker material, making sure your gift bag is sturdy.

Bent handle paper bag

Looking for 100%paper bag solution? The twisted handle paper bag, also known as the bag carrying a hand river, is ideal for carrying light products such as food and clothing. This handle is made with a machine, and as the name suggests, is only a paper that is twisted together to form a sturdy hand.

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