Why Wearing Sindoor Is Sacred According to Vedic Astrologers 


According to popular Hindu beliefs, marriage after matching kundli of the bride and the groom is a sacred bond between two people. Marriage is the beginning of new chapter for a couple. There are many rituals in every Hindu community in Indian society; every ritual has its own significance. However, Sindoor Daan, according to ancient vedic rituals, is considered the most auspicious ritual. The groom puts Sindoor on the bride’s hair partition during the ritual. Sindoor marks the marital status of a woman. According to Hindu belief, putting Sindoor on is not a ritual but a way to seek prayers for good fortune and wellness for one’s husband.  

This is one aspect of putting Sindoor. Sindor also has several astrological significance. Let’s discuss the importance of Sindoor according to vedic astrologers. 

Sindoor is a divine blessing to the married couple 

In modern Indian society, Sindoor is merely a way to find the difference between a married and unmarried Hindu woman. However, the history associated with Sindoor dates back 5000 years ago. The practice of putting a sindoor is deeply rooted in ancient Indian history. The ritual has been mentioned in ancient books like Puranas, Lalitha Sahasranamam and Soundarya Lahharis. There is a mention of Sindoor for married women in the manuscripts from the Harappan excavations.

The red colour is associated with power. According to Hindu mythology, a woman should wear Sindoor till her husband’s lifetime. Even there are mentions of Goddess Parvathi and Sita, wife of Lord Rama, wearing vermillion. Putting on Sindoor is believed to eradicate evils from a married woman’s life and bestow good fortune. Whenever a married woman puts on Sindoor, according to vedic astrologers, she indirectly prays for her husband’s long and healthy life.

Wearing Sindoor is associated with good health  

The application of Sindoor is more than a simple ritual to pray for your husband’s long life and good health. On the one hand, it is a prayer for your husband, but on the other, it maintains a woman’s health free from diseases. The preparation of sindoor, made of mercury, turmeric, and lime, serves as a trigger to keep tension high. Mercury also maintains blood pressure and helps in activating sexual life and libidinal energy. That is why an unmarried woman or a widow is not allowed to put Sindoor. An astrologer offering free kundli services can guide you better about sindoor’s health benefits. 

It ensures a prosperous married life 

A couple does its best to lead a happy married life. However, there are several cases where a couple can not lead a happy married life even after putting in their best efforts. Applying Sindoor is often considered the best remedy to overcome challenging situations in a married couple. Besides this fact, it is also believed that Sindoor attracts positive energy and activates the chakra of the person who puts it. By attracting cosmic and pranic energies, Sindoor restores prosperity in married life and brings harmony to the couple’s relationship. 

The impact of wearing Sindoor in the modern times 

With the influence of western culture, kundli matching before marriage and Sindoor has somehow lost its relevance in modern society. If a woman steps out without wearing Sindoor, she is shunned by society for being too much progressive. On the contrary, women who apply Sindoor regularly are mocked by the women of her same age group for being too much conservative. It is why some women wear Sindoor today to avoid unfair judgements, while some don’t for fear of being stranded in their workplace or elsewhere. 

Recently, some influential women have also started to put on Sindoor in different colours. It highlights Sindoor’s importance as a potent tool to pray for her husband’s good health and improve her beauty. Therefore is not a single-dated concept. In modern times the importance of putting in a sindoor is constantly evolving. Even if the choice to put Sindoor solely depends on the woman wearing it, according to astrologers, it is the most potent way to increase love and harmony in married life. 


Sindoor, also known as kumkum, indicates the space between the hair partition and symbolises the traditional folklore and beliefs of a woman’s marital status. Apart from its astrological benefits, wearing Sindoor, as we have already mentioned, can improve your health. Get in touch with a vedic astrologer to learn the significance of Sindoor and the chantings that you should perform while putting Sindoor. 

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