What are Five Challenges Facing First-Year Students at Universities or Colleges?

For many students, their first year of college is a fresh start. For many, it is their first time leaving home where they will have the freedom to make their own decisions. During this year, students gain new experiences, new knowledge, and new understandings about themselves. Many freshmen look forward to going to college as it brings new people, fresh ideas, and new skills into their lives. However, it is widely known that the transition to university often brings difficulties. The transition from high school to university is an “extremely complex phenomenon” that requires adaptation to a new set of academic and social systems. Many freshmen go through the most important changes in their lives as they transition to college. During the first year, personal freedom increases, which can both liberate and frighten you.

Therefore, the experience of going to university is complex, and the transition to university life can be burdened with barriers that can hinder students’ academic success.

Challenges First Year Students Face at University or Colleges:

Educational development is important for every generation and in every form of learning. Each program at the university has different fields of study in different years. New students will face more challenges at university. In this case, these difficulties can be a burden that can pull them out of school before they complete their education.

To begin with, financial problems are a major challenge for college students; these include tuition fees, rental costs, and textbooks. One of the most common challenges faced by these students is the cost of tuition. The reason for the low performance of first-year students in the university consists of several difficulties.


 First, the Personal challenges faced by freshmen at the University may encompass three challenges. Loneliness is an emotional feeling that arises when she feels ostracized by her friends, especially in a completely new environment like here. It is also a fairly common feeling to study abroad at the higher levels of education when most freshmen at Universities are separated from their families. A common and classic example of this feeling is Home and love; this happens when you miss your family or someone very special in your life, apart from each other. Fortunately, it may only be the last few weeks to recover from this emotional feeling, as more friends will meet when the time comes.

According to cheap assignment help UK for freshmen, communication difficulties are a major concern. Although English is the common language used and well understood by students. However, the main concern of freshmen at the University is when it comes to fluency and self-confidence in oral speech, especially during presentations and during lectures discussions.

Another point is the financial problem. Freshmen always have trouble when it comes to saving and spending money. Despite this, they often receive large sums of money from their sponsors. Their problem, however, is money socks, because some get so excited for the first time that they have such large sums of money in their pockets and even forget that that money will soon be gone without even their educational needs and learning materials. Such as textbooks and other important learning resources. Therefore, the main reason for the financial decline of freshmen at the University is poor financial management.

The Position of college Climate

Rankin defines college climate as “the cumulative attitudes, behaviors, and standards of staff and students regarding the level of access, involvement, and respect for individual and group needs, abilities and potential. These perceptions are influenced by the university environment, which affects the development of the student.

Placement on Campus

One of the important aspects of any college campus is how it welcomes new students and what opportunities are there to get involved on campus. This is especially important for first-generation college students who may be away from home for the first time. Before deciding which school to attend, college candidates should visit campus and get a feel for the atmosphere, demographics, and general environment to see what a typical day on campus looks like.


For first-generation college students, homesickness and loneliness are often enmeshed with guilt as they leave their families behind and attend college away from home. It can be a frustrating and difficult feeling to have abandoned their family, especially for students who sometimes come from immigrant families who are the only English speakers in their homes.

Finding new friends and building relationships at college is an important part of integrating into campus life for all college students who leave home.

To cope with this kind of pressure, first-generation college students often need advice and have to decide what and who they should leave behind, according to Tomorrow’s Professor Ads at Stanford University.

Academic/Educational Challenges.

Educational challenges are always a concern for most freshmen at University. The academic direction in Universities is more professional than in High Schools than most freshmen expect, so most of the time they are not serious enough about their management. Time management under educational challenges will be discussed first. It simply explains how individual plans and allocates daily activities according to time. Sometimes, freshmen lose out on opportunities to get extra marks for their final assessment. For example, they may be late or fail to attend classes and labs at all, meaning they will lose points. Besides, procrastination is also a poison of time management. This word refers to the way tasks such as assignments and Housework are stored for a later date. As a result, the overall performance of freshmen at the University may be of a low standard. It is also, a major challenge for first-year students to use University resources economically. Universities may have different resources to assist students in their studies. The library and computers are classic examples of some University resources that can be difficult for freshmen to use. Most Libraries in universities use catalogs with the help of computers to find books and other resources in the library.

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