Weed Delivery in Guelph to Get a Balanced High

Strains are undoubtedly the obvious choice of stoners to get the high that weed delivers. You can choose to buy 100% Indica or 100% Sativa strains. Still, you don’t enjoy the benefits of Indica and Sativa simultaneously if you choose 100% Indica or 100% Sativa strains. You get a balanced high from marijuana flowers if you choose 50-50 hybrid strains. 50-50 hybrid marijuana flowers contain 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. Nevertheless, there aren’t only a few hybrid strains.  You may also get balanced hybrid marijuana flowers through weed delivery in Guelph to experience a balanced high. We shall also suggest some of the best hybrid strains to you to get that balanced high.

Best Hybrid Strains to Get a Balanced High

Here are our suggestions to you for balanced hybrid strains you may try:

Blue Dream:

Blue Dream is a highly popular balanced marijuana flower among weed users. You will enjoy balanced Indica and Sativa effects if you choose this flower for smoking. You will likely feel the balanced high while smoking this bud as it doesn’t knock out users. During the high, you will experience full-body relaxation, in addition to a calm and gentle euphoria. You can conveniently purchase this marijuana strain online from I Love Smoke, which delivers weed in Guelph.   


Another legendary strain you may try to enjoy a balance high is Chemdawg. However, we don’t know the exact origins of this strain to date. This strain offers a quick head high that finally converts into full-body relaxation. This bud isn’t going to make you couch-locked, and it’s worth a try for cannabis lovers.

Larry Bird Kush:

Larry Bird Kush is an impeccable hybrid strain that has earned its name from a former American professional basketball player. Larry Bird Kush is a cross between Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. You will experience a relishing head high first following an indescribable tingling feeling during its high. Taking a few hits of this strain with a bong will make you feel happy and content.

White Widow:

White Widow is another balanced hybrid strain that’s worth a try for getting that perfect balanced high. One of the benefits of choosing this strain as a marijuana smoker is that its high is smooth. You will experience uplifted and relaxed feelings at the same time if you choose this marijuana flower. Its high kicks in on the head that sparks inspiration and sociability in the user. Additionally, it ends with a body high that leaves the user to feel comfortable and relaxed to lie down.


You can buy a variety of cannabis flowers to experience 100% Indica, 100% Sativa, and balanced effects. You may want to get a balanced high with marijuana flowers to enjoy the benefits of Indica and Sativa simultaneously. In that case, you can invest in marijuana flowers that are a 50-50 hybrid and get them via weed delivery in Guelph. Here are some of the best hybrid strains that you may try to get that perfectly balanced high:

  1. Blue Dream
  2. Chemdawg
  3. Larry Bird Kush
  4. White Widow
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