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Why use a water purifier with RO?

Drinking dirty water has a negative impact on health and acts like a slow poison that can cause diseases such as cholera, dysentery, diarrhea, jaundice, tuberculosis and even cancer. It is estimated that more than 37.7 million Pakistanis suffer from water-borne diseases each year, and more than 1.5 million children die from diarrhea alone. In Pakistan, more than 80% of stomach illnesses are caused by contaminated water.

Increase in dissolved impurities

Drinking water, whether supplied by municipalities or from underground boreholes, increasingly contains contaminants, especially dissolved contaminants.

Groundwater contamination Groundwater contains harmful chemicals such as pesticides, insecticides, arsenic, fluoride and lead.

Pesticides and chemicals in river water. Overuse of pesticides and pollution from industrial waste can affect river water. These water-soluble chemicals can lead to waterborne diseases.

City water is often discharged into surface reservoirs through old, rusty pipes, causing further water contamination.

Therefore, water must be treated before it is consumed. RO water purifiers are ideal because they not only destroy bacteria and viruses, but also remove harmful dissolved impurities.

WATER LOGIC – the world’s best and largest seller in Pakistan

RO Water Purifier

City tap and well water may contain bacteria and viruses as well as impurities, but reverse osmosis technology removes not only bacteria and viruses, but also dissolved impurities, producing completely clean water.

The best is Water logic’s RO, with over 5 million satisfied customers growing every day. There are many reasons to choose the world’s best-selling RO,

here are just a few examples

– Multiple purification process with RO + UV + UF + TDS control

– Mineral preservation

– UV LED in the water tank to maintain water purity

– Digital display of purity

– No water loss

– 4 years of free service

– Highest quality certificates and awards

Choose the best and protect your family from waterborne diseases


Multiple purification processes to achieve 100% water purity

100% clean water

100% clean water

WATER LOGIC’s RO water purifiers remove bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and even dissolved impurities such as arsenic, rust, pesticides, and fluoride to produce 100% pure, healthy water that meets IS:10500 drinking water standards.

Multiple Water Purification Processes

Multiple purification processes

RO and UV/UF purification removes chemicals, pesticides, fluoride and dissolved impurities, kills bacteria and viruses, and produces 100% pure and healthy drinking water.

Even dissolved impurities are removed

Boiling water or using a conventional (UV) water purifier only kills bacteria and viruses, but does not remove dissolved impurities. However, a water purifier with recovery not only removes bacteria and viruses, but also removes harmful dissolved impurities.

Retaining essential minerals

WATER LOGIC’s recycled water filters are equipped with a TDS control valve. This unique feature allows you to control TDS levels at will and retains essential natural minerals in the purified water.

Digital display to confirm purity and efficiency

For the convenience of the user, the Smart RO Purifier has a digital display of purity. This feature informs the user of the purity of the water, filter run time, RO flow rate and the quality of the water purified.

Eliminate water loss

Technology that doesn’t waste water

WATER LOGIC’s RO water purifiers feature Zero Water Waste Technology – a unique pump that circulates water from the purifier to the upper tank, completely eliminating water waste in the purification process.

1 year + 3 years free AMC service

1 year warranty + 3 years free extended service

The WATER LOGIC water purifier is the only product with a 1-year warranty and 3-year free extended service, guaranteeing 100% clean water during this period.

Proven, reliable products

Most Trusted Award

With over 50,000 loyal and satisfied customers across Pakistan, WATER LOGIC’s numerous awards attests to the product’s recognition and phenomenal growth among consumers worldwide. WATER LOGIC has won many national and international awards.

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