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How non-topic URLs work

Users often come across search results in which a significant part of the results do not match the entered query. The reason for this is the active use of external artificial URLs by resources to increase the citation index. This is how the resource is seen more often, but in fact, this process is called nepotism – link spam. This “black” SEO technique is focused exclusively on search engine algorithms, but not on the user audience.

The assumption that the rating of a resource is proportional to its link mass is completely contrary to reality. External URLs within the content become garbage, which leads to worse ranking results. It is necessary to focus on the perception of the project by the visitors and not by the robot checking the pages.

The topic of filtering “bad” URLs has become critically important in the promotion of Internet resources. Modern link systems are stable and reliable, and therefore their impact on search engines has become more visible.

The search engine is actively fighting link spam. Measures are being implemented to reduce the impact on search results from sites that sell external URLs on a commercial basis. Difficulties are also created for those who “sin” by purchasing such links.

Doing the right thing

Every administrator can protect himself from penalties from the search engine. It is enough to follow a few rules.

  1. Avoid posting URLs for unauthorized projects that are not specialized in your field. At the same time, keywords should not be attached to such external links (useless for readers). The most searchable links are those leading to resources with similar topics, which in their meaning complements the content presented on the original page.
  2. Also, links should not lead to resources excluded from the index. If the mentioned site is removed from the SERP, your rating may suffer as well.
  3. One page should not contain more than 50-100 URLs leading outside the resource. Excessive mentioning of third-party projects for the ranking is safe, but the robot will not process unnecessary links.

There are enough legal ways to increase your rankings to avoid link spam.

For example, first, you need to pay attention to the features of content formatting. Placed texts can be limited by the number of words/characters. So, according to the study, publications with 2000-2500 words rank well. Naturally, modern scientific articles can exceed this figure several times, but for basic types of information portals or online stores with their own blogs, this is a perfectly acceptable limiting range.

The specified size of the article should account for the optimal number of keys by which the page is promoted in the search results. If you correctly determine the balance between high-, medium- and low-frequency queries, then the chances of being in the TOP-10 will significantly increase.

You can bring visitors to your site through thematic catalogs. The process of placing links of a resource in such directories is called a submission. Place in the catalog can be paid or free. This will not give a significant influx of users, but such a linking system will be taken into account positively by the search system. From “The Only 8 Link-Building Tools You Need,” you can learn all you want to know about marketing.

Turning to professionals

Link building issues remain quite complex from a technical point of view. When interacting with search robots, you need to take into account a lot of nuances, not forgetting about the main rule – user satisfaction. Visit here: Competent SEO Company in Lahore

In this regard, we recommend contacting a specialized web studio. Responsible and competent specialists in the shortest possible time will solve any assigned tasks, satisfying the basic technical requirements and personal requests of the client. With such a command, you can easily order an online store or a personal site, or services to promote an existing resource. The final cost depends on the characteristics of the work. We wish you every success!

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