Top 5 Must-Know Adobe Illustrator Keyboard Shortcuts

Yes, using shortcuts can assist to boost your workflow within no time. Experts revealed that it’s best to use shortcuts instead of making a click several times to achieve action. Fortunately, Adobe Illustrator software is packed with a lot of preset shortcuts that you can take into account to boost your productivity. For instance, you can see (P) very next to the well-known Pen Tool, so you could easily select this tool by pressing the P key rather than moving to the toolbar to choose it. But, when it comes to JPG image to AI vector image conversions, then an online JPG to AI converter is the free shortcut with which you can proceed.

Read on to know some basic and common shortcuts for AI that everyone needs to know to speed up the artwork process.

1. Undo:

Command + Z for Mac, and Control + Z for Windows.

·         Command + Z for Mac

·         Control + Z for Windows

You can use this handy shortcut whenever you are going to work on Adobe Illustrator. If you made a wrong step, you ought to simply undo it and try again. Moreover, you could try a free JPG to AI converter by through which you can easily save JPG as an AI vector file without losing its originality.

2. Group/Ungroup:

To Group:

·         Command + G for Mac

·         Control + G for Windows

To Ungroup:

·         Command + Shift + G for Mac

·         Control + Shift + G for Windows

Now, you could easily make new shapes by grouping objects together, and even it assists you in making this easier for group edits. While if you aim to change something specific from the particular objects that you grouped respectively, then you first have to ungroup objects and then make the instant edits.

If your concern is all about art-related work, then try to use Adobe Illustrator (AI) files rather than regular raster JPG images. You can see that most artists probably use an online JPG to AI converter free to turn JPG into an AI vector image file.

3. Copy and paste:

To Copy:

·         Command + C for Mac

·         Control + C for Windows

To Paste:

·         Command + V for Mac

·         Control + V for Windows

We know that this shortcut is basic and works the same in almost all computer software. But still, you have to grip on copy and paste shortcuts especially if you are going to work with text in Adobe Illustrator (AI). But, whenever you need to convert JPG to AI, then there you do not have to copy and paste, this is where you need to upload JPG images to JPG to AI converter online to proceed with.

4. Select all:

·         Command + A for Mac

·         Control + A for Windows

The time comes when your artwork may be just a little bit too close to the workout border, this is where this shortcut comes in handy. You could choose all objects at once and simply scale them together to keep the same proportion. If you want to convert images to Adobe Illustrator in batch, then select all images at once and drag & drop them into the online JPG to AI converter and let it proceed further.

5. Lock/Unlock:

To Lock:

·         Command + 2 for Mac

·         Control + 2 for Windows

To Unlock:

·         Command + Option + 2 for Mac

·         Control + Option + 2 for Windows

Yes, this is a well-known case when the object is locked, you won’t be able to edit it. When you people are done with part of your particular wart-work and even you don’t want to edit it accidentally, then it’s a great step to start with. You could be able to lock the layers by directly locking the objects on that layer as well.

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