Top 10 Fun Coloring Pages for Canadian kids to Enjoy

Dear readers, one way to teach kids about a country and their culture is through coloring pages activities. Coloring pages can be used as a fun tool to learn about a country’s history, artifacts, places, monuments, buildings, animals, and even food. 

Canada is an advanced country where kids will have so much educational and fun time coloring. It is known as the second-largest country in the world. These are the top 10 Canada coloring pages that can be used by preschoolers, kindergartners, first graders, etc,… that will fascinate every kid. Let’s get started immediately!

Doctor Theresa Tam Coloring Pages

Doctor Theresa Tam is a great figure in the country, Canada. She is a Canadian physician as well as serving as a public servant. She has been the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada since 2017. She is officially an advisor, WHO’s International Health Regulations Emergency Committee on COVID. Dr Theresa Tam’s coloring pages have images of this great Canadian icon. As you color, take time to learn about her history and personality. You might be inspired by her works and lifestyle.

Parliament Hill Coloring pages

If you are looking for a seat of power in Canada, then you will stumble upon Parliament Hill. Canadian Parliament Hill is simply referred to as The Hill. It is the home to Canada’s federal government and a place where Canadian representatives gather to make laws that affect the lives of every citizen and carry out official functions.

You will enjoy looking at the magnificent structure. Parliament Hill coloring pages have aesthetic images that can be colored in the right shades. The medieval structure and the architectural elements show symbolic importance as the heart of Canada.

The Flag of Canada Coloring Pages

In 1965, the Canadian flag was declared an official symbol of the country.  On this aesthetic flag are the two red bands which are strategically placed on the sides of the white band. Also, the white band on the flag I’d decorated with a big and beautiful Marple lead which represents the official national tree of Canada.

The color red in the flag depicts Canada as an England former colony before her independence. The color white means that there was a history between France and Canada. Well, you won’t have any difficulty given the right colors to produce the National Flag. There is no stress and worrying your head on what colors to be used because all the elements used in the flag are easy to be colored. Identify the red and white colors in your coloring materials and you’re good to go. The coloring pages are appropriate to celebrate the country on its National Day.

Coat of Arms Coloring Pages

Years ago, the Coat of Arms of Canada was known as the “Royal Coat of Arms of Canada or the Arms of Her Majesty”. It is regarded as the official coat of arms of both the monarch and the country. It features Canada’s Coat of Arms with appealing images that raise your curiosity to be informed about the historical facts and figures of these coloring pages. Use the colors that are appropriate to produce a colorful masterpiece that you will be proud of. You can even use it as a display picture after you have finished coloring the images. 

Map of Canada Coloring Pages

 The Canadian map depicts a country known for its mountains in the western part of the country, flat prairies in the center, and Arctic tundra in the north and this represents Canada. The map includes an elevation and satellite map that highlights diverse topography and geographical regions in Canada. This Canada Map coloring page has images of the various physical features of Canada such as mountains, national parks, rivers, lakes, to mention but a few. You will have a great time coloring these images with vibrant colors that portray the map as the major interest.

Coloring Pages

Canadian Goose Coloring Pages

The goose of Canada (Branta canadensis) can be described as a big wild bird that has a head and neck that is black in color with white cheeks and white chin as well as a brown body. When you take a look at this bird and compare it with other types/species, the blackhead and neck with a white “chin strap” make it different. The coloring pages will fascinate kids that love animals. With the unique features identified in the Canadian goose, who wouldn’t put colors to the images to create an image that looks like the real goose. These animals are sure to spark creativity when engaging in the coloring activity.

Crops of Canada:  Wheat Coloring Pages

Wheat is known as the “staple crop” cultivated in most Canadian regions.  Wheat is regarded as the largest crop grown in Canada. Wheat is cultivated on over 10 million hectares making  Canada a big world wheat supplier. Wheat coloring pages are different images of Wheat that can be shaded using the right color to produce something relating to what is obtainable on the farmland. The images are simple to color since you do not need multifarious colors. Take out time to color wheat on this coloring page. 

Maple Leaf Coloring Pages

Maple leaf or tree, since the 18th century, has officially been stamped as a Canadian emblem and National root. It was tagged a Canada symbol in 1868 because it was represented on the Ontario and Quebec coat of arms as well as the coin of Canada from 1876 to 1901. Canadians know the Maple Leaf as a great symbol of unity, tolerance as well as peace. The Maple Leaf coloring page features different pictures of the big maple leaf that should be beautifully colored.

Happy Canada Day Coloring Pages

Happy Canada Day is the federation statutory holiday aimed at the celebration of the great Canada. Years ago, it was known as “Dominion Day,”“Confederation Day” until 1982 which is now known as a national holiday celebrated on July 1. Open the Happy Canada Day coloring pages to find diverse images that honor Independence Day! Learn the interesting history of this noteworthy day as you color away! 

Polar Bear of Canada Coloring Pages

It is known that the country is home to roughly 17,000 polar bears. The best place to see them in large numbers is Churchill which is located in the northern Manitoba of the country. The Polar Bears are seen in the ice-covered areas that have made Churchill famous.

This makes the outdoor-loving and wildlife enthusiasts from all over the world travel to this town. Kids will be fascinated with these images of polar bears in iced-covered places in Churchill. Curiosity will want to bring out the real color of the polar bears and the iced environment. Enjoy coloring! 

Have a fun-filled Canada coloring day!

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