Prevention of Systemic Disease

Prevention of systemic disease

Prevention of systemic disease by rinsing the mouth in ablution

Islam has forced humans to maintain hygiene. Hygiene is the form of prevention from harmful disease. Modern medicines and doctors also recommend supporting the hygiene around yourself. Regular sanitation of your body and clothes can prevent you from multiple diseases of the skin and body. Keeping personal hygiene is also emphasized in the Quran and hadith many times as it contains many health problems. Every Muslim must perform ablution before prayers. Cleaning your body, clothes, and the space before praying brings a much more calming and relaxed feeling. Learn more about our blog.

What is Ablution? 

Ablution is also called wudu, and you can say offering wudu can be used as the feeling of devotion as the other forms of worshipping Allah Almighty; ablution is also so much necessary as it is mandatory to perform ablution step by step without missing any. The ablution process includes washing your body parts, hands, face, and toes.

Washing of the hands

Washing hands has a lot of benefits. Hands are the first section of our body that interacts with any infection. It is mentioned in the health sector reports that washing hands only can prevent multiple viral diseases. Besides viral diseases, washing hands also prevents so many eyes infections, respiratory disease, and so many others. So while performing wudu, when you wash hands, you are already discarding the conditions in your hands.

Rinsing of mouth

When you perform a lotion, you rinse your mouth with water or brush your teeth. The rinsing of the mouth prevents you from so many systematic and oral diseases. When you brush your teeth, you rinse all the bacteria that can cause any oral infection. However, when you are rinsing your mouth and then eating, there are no more germs in your mouth that could move into your stomach and cause any systematic disease.

Washing of the face

So many medical professionals ask the patients to wash their faces thoroughly with fresh cold water as it prevents many diseases and infections. Washing your face with cold water also wakes you up and your mind. Washing the face five times a day while performing wudu helps in your skincare, cleans your skin, and helps you grow more.

Washing head and Arms

When performing ablution, Muslims start by washing their heads, going to the neck, and then washing their arms. There are multiple vessels in your neck area which need to be wiped to boost the blood flow. 

Washing the feet

Ankle and foot health is essential every day. Starting from washing the hands than mouth and face and lastly, feet make sure that no germs can translate from one body part to another. It helps to upkeep the health of the person.


Ablution helps you prevent your body from all kinds of bacteria and viruses. It allows you to keep a check on your over health and well-being. This does not cause you any systematic disease or oral disease and makes you live a happy, healthy, and better life forever. Muslims are so blessed to perform ablution five times a day in daily life.


In final words, Islam has provided so much importance in the cleanness of the body, thoughts, and act. The pure body and pure thoughts are the basis of faith in Islam. The Quran and Sunnah have emphasized the body’s cleanness a lot, which brings us nearer to Allah Almighty. Indeed there are a lot of blessings of Allah Almighty on Muslims. Cleaning our body not just makes us close to Allah Almighty also plays a vital role in our health. The cleanliness prevents us from so many harmful bacteria and diseases and helps us live a healthy life.

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