Portable Dust Removal System Control Key in Barge Loading Area

The Portable dust removal system in the barge loading area can solve the dust pollution problems perfectly. With the rapid development of the international economy, the shipping of raw materials becomes more frequent between countries. The resulting dust pollution, such as PM2.5 and PM10, has become a non-negligible problem.

The dust source in the area is mainly the dust generated when the raw material falls into the hopper when the grab is released. One of the reasons for the formation of dust is the friction between the air and the falling raw material. Under the action of the air, it’s flying outwards and causing a dusting. When the bottom space is squeezed, under the shearing action of air and dust, the gas in the bottom area moves outwards at high speed, causing the dust to escape together, resulting in a dusting effect. These two situations pollute the surrounding environment under the action of the crosswind.

In the traditional dust removal way, we usually use the dust collector or spray water directly. But these measures actually can’t effectively improve the air quality and control dust. Water will make the ground muddy, and further affect the working environment. But if you use the Portable dust removal system, you will find that it will not wet the ground floor, but also play a role in the air purification, cooling effects.

Principle of the Portable dust removal system

This Portable dust removal system outputs tens of thousands of particles with a diameter of fewer than 30 microns at each dusting point. The mist particles form a huge fog in a specific space. The density and quantity are much larger than the dust and make it look like a wall. A high-density, high-precision filter screen is added to the nozzle dot. When the floating dust passes through the diffuse fog, it will inevitably collide with the particles. After a series of processes such as adsorption, combination, and condensation, the settling under the action to achieve the purpose of suppressing dust and purifying the air.

Features of the Portable dust removal system

1. The Portable dust removal system has constant humidity, strong power, long-range, wide coverage, and can achieve precise spraying.

2. The sprayed mist particles are small, and when it comes into contact with the dust floating in the barge loading area, it forms a fine mist, which is easily absorbed the dust from sinking.

3. Automatic control, flexible operation, safe and reliable to use, remote and manual control support, and the horizontal rotation spray angle can be controlled and adjusted as you need.

4. Compared with other dust removal equipment, this system can save 70% to 80% water consumption, and the coverage area is much larger than other equipment.

5. The particle produced by the mist is tiny, and it will not have water droplets, wet the ground, and not cause secondary pollution.

Advantages of the Portable dust removal system

  • Protects workers from acute and chronic health conditions caused by continuous inhalation of dust.
  • Reduces fire and explosion hazards and material losses caused by wind.
  • Reduce operating costs by maintaining proper working conditions.
  • Shortening production time and preventing premature wear of working equipment.
  • Protect the surrounding environment and avoid serious pollution.
  • Protect the worker’s health.

How to get a quote about the dust removal system

First, you need to provide the area of the entire dust removal area, such as the length, width, and height of the stack. Secondly, provide the number of conveyor belt machines. Finally, a professional technician will make a design based on these data, such as where the nozzle is installed, where the equipment is placed, and how much power pump needs to be used. After finishing these designs, you will get an actual quotation.

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