Outreach Programs seek out men who are suffering from substance

Haven Toronto is Canada’s lone facility dedicated to serving senior homeless men. Located in the downtown part of the country, the Haven offers men access to their own beds and showers while they are getting medical treatment. Haven provides everything men need for their overnight stay including food, clothing, and shelter. They even provide transportation to their facility on a regular basis.

Haven is run by volunteers, most of whom have personally served time in the soup kitchens of the city. Because most of its volunteers have served the streets, they are accustomed to working with men in crisis situations.

According to volunteers, the majority of those who come to the Haven are not long-term shelters patients. Most of them are newcomers to Canada who are living on the streets or in halfway houses.

The Haven offers three different programs for elderly homeless men and women. The Family Care Program sponsors meals and tutoring for parents who do not have working or paying jobs.

The Outreach Programs seek out men who are suffering from substance abuse problems. The Family Services Program feeds families that don’t have running water or electricity and who don’t have alternate sources of food and water. The Nutrition Program serves meals daily to families that don’t have access to nutritious foods.

Archdiocese of Toronto

The main charity that draws many people to Puffs Haven Toronto is the Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto. The Archdiocese sponsors numerous programs to help people in need, including the homeless. According to stats provided by the Archdiocese of Toronto, nearly one in every one hundred and thirty-nine people over the age of fifty are homeless in the city. Nearly half of those homeless people are from the downtown region of Toronto.

One in every twenty-one Canadian residents is affected by poverty, according to Statistics Canada. Of those, almost half are living in Toronto. Over one in ten children live in poverty in the downtown region of Toronto. It is important for the residents of Haven to understand that the Catholic Archdiocese has helped fund the numerous soup kitchens and outreach programs that have been designed to help alleviate the impact of poverty on their neighborhoods.

What makes Haven unique is its ability to provide a “Haven” for seniors and the mentally handicapped. Through the generosity of donors and patrons, Haven provides free food, clothes, housing, and activities every day for seniors. The goal is to create “Havens” where seniors can live in dignity and have all the basic human rights offered. In addition, the charity offers classes, activities, books, and newsletters to help families with their needs.

For example, the “Elderly Self-Reliance Skills” taught at the Haven Toronto website provides techniques for elder homeless men to cope with the issues facing them on a daily basis. This program works with families to plan activities that foster self-reliance, including gardening, taking care of their own hygiene, cooking, and maintaining personal relationships.

Affordable housing costs

One of the main concerns facing Haven is the rise in the number of homeless due to the housing crunch and job loss. This crisis has become much worse with the introduction of the federal government’s economic strategy called the Anti-Inflationary Budgeting Measures. Despite this, Toronto has maintained its low unemployment rate and high employment rate. This is attributed to the fact that Toronto Cannabis Dispensary offers affordable housing costs, attractive jobs, and healthy retirement plans. According to stats, around thirty-five percent of Toronto residents live below the national average of fifteen percent.

The mission of Haven is to make the experience of everyday living easy for seniors and the mentally challenged. Through their free food and clothing programs, they aim to create “Havens” where seniors can live in dignity and have their basic human rights protected healthcare. Apart from the free food and clothes, the Haven Toronto also sponsors many social activities such as monthly soup kitchen dinners, bible nights, and a community cleanup day. All of this helps in creating positive effects in the lives of those who are affected by the problems of the homeless.

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