Maximizing Earnings: The Best Shifts for SkipTheDishes Drivers

SkipTheDishes Drivers

SkipTheDishes has become a go-to platform for food delivery across Canada, offering drivers flexible opportunities to earn money on their own schedule. However, choosing the right shifts can significantly impact a driver’s earning potential. In this guide, we’ll explore the best shifts for SkipTheDishes drivers, helping them maximize their earnings and make the most of their time on the road.

1. Lunch and Dinner Rush Hours

The busiest times for food delivery are typically during lunch and dinner hours, when customers are seeking quick and convenient meal options. By working shifts during these peak periods, SkipTheDishes drivers can take advantage of high order volumes and increased earning potential. Lunch shifts typically range from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM, while dinner shifts extend from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM or later, depending on the area.

2. Weekends and Holidays

Weekends and holidays are prime time for food delivery, as many customers prefer to dine in the comfort of their homes rather than venturing out to restaurants. By working shifts on weekends and holidays, SkipTheDishes drivers can capitalize on increased demand and earn higher tips. Friday and Saturday evenings, as well as Sundays and holidays, are particularly lucrative times for delivery drivers.

3. Special Events and Promotions

SkipTheDishes often runs special events and promotions, such as discounts, free delivery offers, and bonus incentives for drivers. By monitoring the app for these promotions and scheduling shifts during eligible periods, drivers can increase their earning potential and take advantage of additional incentives. Participating in special events and promotions can also lead to higher order volumes and increased tips from satisfied customers.

4. Late-Night Shifts

Late-night shifts can be profitable for SkipTheDishes drivers, especially in areas with a vibrant nightlife scene or a high concentration of late-night eateries. By working shifts during late-night hours, drivers can cater to customers craving midnight snacks or post-party meals. Late-night shifts typically extend past regular dinner hours, starting around 9:00 PM and continuing into the early hours of the morning.

5. Dinner Pre-Order Shifts

Some customers prefer to pre-order their meals in advance, especially for dinner deliveries. SkipTheDishes offers pre-order functionality, allowing customers to schedule delivery times for later in the day. By working shifts during dinner pre-order windows, drivers can secure deliveries in advance and plan their routes more efficiently. Pre-order shifts typically occur in the late afternoon or early evening, with deliveries scheduled for later that evening.


By strategically choosing the best shifts for SkipTheDishes drivers, individuals can maximize their earning potential and make the most of their time on the road. Whether it’s during peak lunch and dinner hours, on weekends and holidays, during special events and promotions, or late-night shifts, drivers have ample opportunities to earn money and provide exceptional service to customers across Canada. By planning ahead and scheduling shifts during optimal times, SkipTheDishes drivers can achieve success in the competitive world of food delivery.

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