Key Steps for Curly Hair Method

Curly hair method is a form of beauty treatment for curly and wavy hair that aims to make curls smoother and stronger. This method is the brainchild of Loraine Massey, who also wrote the book on it, Curly Girl: The Handbook. As per the curly hair methods by most experts, you may achieve the healthy curly hair of your dreams by utilising and avoiding specific foods, treatments, and styling tricks. Let’s go over this strategy one by one.

  • Consider purchasing some curly girl technique items specially formulated to get started with the curly girl method. To begin with, you’ll need to get rid of the sulphate shampoo. You must also refuse any products that contain silicones, sulphates, or wax.
  • Step two is to say “no” to heat-styling products, unsuitable combs, and conventional terry towels while switching to the curly girl method. Use leave-in conditioners to keep all curls from fluffing until the following wash.
  • Step three is to invest in an excellent hair conditioner and practise co-washing. The most crucial thing is to moisturise your curly hair. Pour some conditioner into the palm of your hand and work it through your curly hair with your fingers, combing it at the same time (you can only use a comb at this point) while gradually adding water. Wait a couple of minutes and rinse your hair when you notice it has become heavy and silky. Fill your palms with water and squeeze your hair to achieve this. A small quantity of conditioner should remain on the hair, but it should be soft. Another option is to gently rinse each strand with a shower stream, being cautious not to straighten the curl.
  • The last step in the curly hair method is to dry your hair. After washing your hair, the water should run out naturally rather than being squeezed. If your curls aren’t too knotted, use the plopping technique: softly apply a specific curly hair style gel with a scrunching motion.
  • After that, carefully gather your hair in a microfiber towel and wait 10 to 15 minutes for the hair to dry and take the desired shape.

To sum up, the curly hair method or wavy hair method recommends starting with using a clarifying shampoo or all natural shampoo bar to remove the build up from your hair and then massaging your hair with a hydrating conditioner. When using youconditioner, rinse out the majority of it.You can use a styling aid on wet hair if it is required, or you can use a diffuser on a low temperature and low airflow setting.

One should apply products upside down to finer waves and curls to get more volume. However, not everyone has the time, patience, and skills to do it, which is why most men and women seek professional help. You can also buy curls book and get professional consultation. There are a few stores and brands dealing in curly girl-friendly products specially formulated for the wavy hair.

Adina Sherman is Canada’s only triple-certified curl expert and educator. She has the skills to tackle any kind of curly pattern, and she has been a hair and beauty industry leader since 2003. She has also been certified by the best experts in the industry, including Ouidad, Curlisto, and the creator of the curl by curl method, Lorraine Massey. She also provides personalised coaching to her clients in which they learn step-by-step routines to bring out the very best in their waves and curls. Her curly girl studio is a one-stop shop for managing and styling curly hair and looking fantastic every day.

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