Investment Analysis of Pakistan Realty Market

Pakistan is one of the many countries in Asia where the real estate industry has undoubtedly prospered throughout the long run when it comes to the interest of real estate in this area of the globe. The general real estate interest in the privately owned property sector has expanded by 60% over the course of the last 10 or 11 years.

The reason for this massive boom in the real estate industry is the expansion of the Return of Investment rate that realtors have seized in the last several years (from 2014 to 2020) in Pakistan. According to most real estate agents and land specialists, the private property section of the real estate industry in Pakistan is the most secure investment to make in the 21st century.

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Increased Cost of Property
Additionally, it is surely evident that the market value of real estate projects has increased significantly during the last several years that passed due to various reasons. Moreover, investors who were previously making investments in prize bons, gold bars and even financial exchange are now taking advantage of the real estate business. Comparatively, they are making more investments in the real estate industry due to high profit return rate. The three best cities to invest in the real estate industry in Pakistan are Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore.

Real Estate Investment Projects in Pakistan’s Major cities.

Following are some of the residential housing schemes in Pakistan’s urban area. These insights regarding the cosmopolitan areas can help an investor to better understand where their money is going.

  • Sector E-7, Islamabad 

The E-7 sector of Islamabad is located near the Margalla Hill’s lower territory. This sector is completely developed and covers an area of about 2.4 km2. E-7 is made up of about 123 divisions of land and perhaps this sector is one of the best areas to invest in today’s time. This area is also in close vicinity to several leisure activity centers such as the Margalla Greens Golf Course, Shaheen Market and most importantly, The Islamabad Zoo. The area is also home to many high-end cafes and coffee shops along with several shopping centers. The cost of residential plots in this area of the capital have increases by 20 – 30% constantly. As per real estate agents, the costs of the residential plots in this area are predicted to increase by another 10% to 15% in the upcoming three or four years. Plots available in this sector range from 1 kanal, 1.5 kanal and 2 kanal. 

  •  DHA Phase 8, Karachi

Karachi’s DHA has acquired an invaluable position serving as the standard for providing its residents with incomparable standard of living in Pakistan. Located in close vicinity to the Arabian Sea, DHA’s Phase 8 is made up of 4000 divisions of land. Currently only 20% of the area for DHA’s Phase has been completely developed, while the rest is still under construction. This astonishing and modernized real estate project in the biggest cosmopolitan city in Pakistan has a number of entertainment hubs for all social needs of the residents. Clubs, high end shopping malls, cafes and coffee shops, gymnasiums, well-kept parks and various touring spots make phase 8 a hot topic in the real estate industry. The market value of residential plots in this area increases by 10% to 20% each year. And it is predicted that these prices will increase further 15% -21% in the coming years. Residential plots sizes vary from 3.3 marlas to 3.5 kanal.

  • DHA, Lahore  

Just like the DHA in Islamabad and Karachi, DHA Lahore (commonly known as just Defense among the locals) remains the unrivaled celebrity in the real estate industry throughout the metropolitan and communal center of the city. As of now, about 80% of the area is fully developed while the rest is under progress. The cost of rent and the market value of the property increase annually by 15% to 20%. Real estate specialists have made an assessment that the property values of this area will increase by another 25%- 35% within some years. Residential plots sizes vary from 4 marla to 1.5 kanal.

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