Improving Residential Living in Canada with Air Driven Home Lifts

Residential Living

Among the most popular Air Driven home lifts in Canada, Nibav Home Lifts has attained an astounding reputation. While the industry continuously develops new mobile home elevator solutions, Nibav, which operates in about 11 countries, keeps innovating. With a dash of creative style, their air driven home lifts are a remarkable display of engineering ability. Nibav’s Home Lifts offer specialized solutions that seamlessly integrate with the various home designs, taking into account the rapidly evolving, technologically-driven lifestyle in Canada.

The creation of our products has been guided by the notion of embracing prominent perfection, a sentiment that has been enthusiastically embraced by users. – Nibav Home Lifts Canada.

Especially as an important center of technical innovation, Canada provides a favourable business environment. The Canadian population is adopting a more convenient and comfortable lifestyle, driving significant expansion in the vertical mobility market, by other tech-related sectors. Established in Québec, in the growing city of Montréal, Nibav Home Lifts is operating its experience center.

Customers who are looking for stylish residential home elevators have been delighted by Nibav’s experience centers located in Canadian cities. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, their elevators’ luxurious comfort and inherent elegance come with the added benefit of being environmentally friendly, as their designs and operations use the least amount of energy possible to ascend. Nibav Home Lifts are particularly energy-efficient when climbing, and they also demonstrate remarkable robustness by functioning even in the event of sudden power interruptions, using no energy when declining.

At Nibav Home Lifts, the cordial welcome we’ve received in Canada has really warmed our hearts. Our Series III collection serves as an example of how carefully our products are crafted to satisfy the needs of our customers. According to Vimal R. Babu, CEO and Founder, “We take pride in always putting the customer in the driving position, which  in essence, embodies the genuine satisfaction of using our products.”

To give a sneak peek of their product lists available now in the Canadian market:

Series III Standard: Enhancing Specific Ability

Nibav Home Lift demonstrates its exceptional engineering to a whole new level with the release of the Series III Standard. This model has an outstanding 13,500mm overall travelling height and may be adjusted for up to 4 stops (G+3). Its maximum weight capacity of 210 kg (462 lbs) can be comfortably transported by this durable device. Residential home elevators are genuinely unique due to the inventive suspension system, which gives them a special aesthetic touch.

Series III Max: Expanding Area and Increasing Availability

Expanding to the features of the Series III, the Series III Max stands out for having a very spacious cabin that can hold up to 240 kg (529 pounds). Interestingly, this model is wheelchair-accessible, demonstrating incredible engineering creativity. These Air Driven Lifts will enhance residential living in Canada.

About Nibav Home Lifts

Powered by an ever-expanding technological capability and a persistent dedication to fusing style and elegance, Nibav is dedicated in its commitment to providing your home with outstanding elegance, backed by a four-layered safety plan. With over 11 countries now where Nibav Home Lifts is present, its mobility solutions show how committed it is to exclusivity and innovation. Every Nibav Home Elevator is a symbol of cutting-edge technology and a sincere dedication to giving homeowners all around the world a customized, luxurious experience.

Address: Nibav Lifts INC, 6500 Rue Hutchison, Outremont, Montreal, QC H2V 0B9, Canada

Contact: +1 888-844-1966

Mail ID: [email protected]


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