How to make money from restoring old motels?

          With the rise of tourism in the country, more and more people are looking forward to investing in an old run-down motel or hotel in remote areas. The cost of buying an old hotel or motel and renovating it is cheaper as compared to buying one that is in working condition. Most people usually just want to get the property off of their hands since they can no longer afford to fix it. In this scenario, the investor can get their hands on the property for very cheap and use the rest of the budget in remodeling and renovating.  

          Most of the time these run-down hotels only need a few adjustments and do not require a lot of money. Here are a few ways realtors can make old shabby hotels into a trending topic among tourists.  

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Invest in the Dining Area 

          The first thing that any client notices after the reception area is the dining room. It is very important that the dining area of the hotel should be vibrant and full of shades that complement one another. The dining room should radiate a warm welcoming aura that relaxes all those present. When renovating an old hotel with historic importance, the placement of rare or one-of-a-kind furniture in the dining area is very important. The comfort of the dining room is judged by the furniture, so make sure that the seats and tables are the highest levels of cozy comfortable. Another thing to keep in mind is that adding new things to the hotel does not hide its unique old-timey style. 

Modify the Plumbing and Electrical Systems  

          Modifying the plumbing and electric systems are two things that should be the top priority when renovating a hotel. Without proper electrical systems and plumbing, a hotel cannot make it big in the market because no one will want to stay there. Investors should consider investing in backup power like a generator or ups. In case of power outages, the customers would have no worries to deal with. Investors should change the electrical appliances like the lighting systems, provide free Wi-Fi to the guests, and install high-tech security systems to upgrade the hotel. The plumbing systems should be changed to newer systems to cater to the guests’ needs. Installing an industrial-size water softener and water heater would provide the guests with hot, clean water. This will improve the hotel’s image and bring in more profit. Get the idea from the Rudn Enclave.

Match Various Styles to Create Unique Rooms 

          Apart from assessing the plumbing and electrical systems, guests also assess the quality of the rooms. Out of fashion styles in furniture should be avoided, as it leaves a bad impression. The rooms can be painted in pastel or white shades to make them look more spacious. The furniture should be colorful, modern, and traditional as to give the rooms a more antique yet modern look. Adding paintings of vibrant colors to the walls, putting a single dark color rug on the floor, pairing it with a couple of chairs, a coffee table, and a king-size bed should bring the room altogether. This will make the guests feel comfortable, cozy, and relaxed during their stay. 

Grand Entryway  

           The lobby area must leave an impact on the tourists and guests. IF the hotel’s first impression is not significant, the guests might even reduce their stay days. The entrance should be restored to a decent yet modern-looking area. The lobby should be spacious enough for both formal and informal conversations. Apart from the reception desk, place a few coffee tables and chairs for waiting guests. One should also have a minibar at the reception so that guests can have tea, coffee, soft drinks, shakes, or tea snacks while they wait  

         When renovating a run-down hotel, everything that is broken and moldy must be changed completely. Fresh paint coats on the inside and outside of the hotel also give it a brand-new feel. Trimming the garden and making the outdoor space look lush is also crucial to remodeling the hotel. If all these things are done properly and regularly, only then will the hotel turn up a good profit   

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