Historic Turn for the Congolese Community in Ottawa-Gatineau: CCC-OG Dissolves, Opening Path for CCRCC’s Unified Vision and Charitable Mission 

Transition et Renaissance dans la Communauté congolaise à Ottawa-Gatineau

Ottawa-Gatineau, Canada – In a transformative move for the Congolese diaspora in Canada, the members of the Congolese Community of Canada – Ottawa-Gatineau (CCC-OG) have unanimously agreed to dissolve their association. This strategic decision marks a new beginning for the community, shifting the focus to the newly formed Congolese Community of the Region of the Capital of Canada (CCRCC). 

The dissolution of CCC-OG carried out with full legal and procedural diligence, emerged from a period of profound reflection and consensus-building among its members. This significant step symbolizes a collective desire for a unified and stronger community presence under the CCRCC. 

Didier Okende, the last president of CCC-OG, shared his thoughts on this historic transition: “This decision, though challenging, is laced with hope and determination. Our shared journey has been rich with both challenges and triumphs. Now, we turn a new page to unite our efforts and forge a more impactful future.” 

The need to dissolve the CCC-OG was fueled by internal complexities such as community fragmentation and communication barriers. Under Okende’s leadership, notable progress was made towards community reunification and conflict resolution. However, the need for a more unified and effective representation of the Congolese community in Ottawa-Gatineau became increasingly apparent. 

Under the stewardship of Raymond Kashiba and his team, the CCRCC aims to broaden its impact, celebrating and promoting Congolese culture, while fostering a unified and powerful community identity. This transition is not only a continuation of the CCC-OG’s legacy but also an expansion of its mission to include more inclusive and charitable initiatives. 

The CCRCC’s inauguration was a moment of pride and joy, signaling the start of a more inclusive and mission-driven approach. The organization has outlined a series of charitable missions, focusing on education, cultural preservation, and social welfare, demonstrating a commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of its members and the wider community. 

“We are excited to welcome everyone to join us on this new venture with the CCRCC. Building on the solid groundwork of the CCC-OG, we aspire to reach new heights of success and community service,” Okende remarked. 

The shift from CCC-OG to CCRCC is viewed as a strategic consolidation of resources, talents, and aspirations. It represents a reinvigorated dedication to unity, solidarity, and collective advancement within the Congolese community in Canada. 

As the Congolese diaspora in Ottawa-Gatineau embarks on this new era with the CCRCC, there’s a palpable air of optimism and eagerness for the future, underscored by the organization’s commitment to community service and cultural enrichment. 

For the latest news and information on the CCRCC’s activities and charitable programs, members and the public are encouraged to actively engage and participate in this new chapter of community development. 

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