How to Fix Broken Links on Your Shopify Website?

Suppose there is one excessively available thing, then it has to the websites for each and everything. You can literally find anything online, from high-end electronics to even a simple needle. But have you ever encountered an error when you open the website for buying something? With some much data available online, the links can break, but what people do not know is that it is going to, directly and indirectly, influence their business. Before we discuss the fixing of broken links, it is important to understand what broken links are?

A broken link is basically a hyperlink for any website page; when opened shows nothing or an empty page. In most cases, when the broken link is clicked, an error is there on the screen. So, what happens when someone comes across that? Well- people are going to close the site immediately and look for an alternative. Broken links are not only bad for the business, but they also impact the user experience as well as Google ranking.

No one wants to have broken links on their site, and fixing them is a part of the maintenance plan. When you are looking for such an element in a plan and need great service, then check out the website maintenance services for the sake of your business. On that note, this article will discuss the ways your Shopify site can get rid of these links resulting in better efficiency.

Ways to Fix Broken Links for Shopify Site:

Now you know the negative effect of broken links and how they directly impact your conversions, it is time actually to find them on your site and fix them. There are a number of different ways one can fix a broken link, and the following are some of those ways. But before that, it is to understand the ways to find them in the first place, so let us start with that:

1) Identify broken links:

With the advancement of technology, there are different tools that can help in locating broken links. Google Webmasters Tools are the umbrella for different software that can help you find broken links on your store. It is important to note that you need to find broken external and internal links. In addition to using tools, you can also set a filter on your Google Analytics account for seeing the error.

Along with that, there are also quality assurance tools that will scan your site and figure out any broken link found. These tools will provide a detailed report regularly, making it easy for you to keep an eye on them. For example, you can use a link checker ( to analyze your site and find any broken links. All you have to do is paste the link of your Shopify store, and it will do the needful finding the broken links.

2) Underlying reasons for broken links:

Once you know where the broken links are present next step is fixing them like a pro. However, you need to understand the actual issue with the broken link. There are four different types of breakage that can happen are a typo, incomplete link, missing words, and space. You have first to understand the kind of problem you have before you even find a solution. The type of link is also important because you have control over internal links, but you have to be a bit careful with external ones.

3) Fixing broken links:

Now you know where the broken link is present and how did the breakage happen, the next step is fixing that to drive the traffic and enhance the website matrix. Following are easy ways to fix annoying links:

a) Rewrite them:

If the reason behind a broken link is that it has some sort of type, then you can rewrite the entire link. When you are customizing the products on Shopify, then towards the end, there is a segment listed as SEO linking. You can edit that section just the way you like it. Error 404 appears when there is a typo or misspelling of the link while creating a URL.

b) Use simple words:

No matter how advanced we think of a computer, you still need to take it as a machine. The use of short and simple URLs will reduce the chances of it being broken, so you need to work on coming up with easy-to-read kinds of URLs.  When you are linking new products or adding any links, make sure that you read them and find them easy because if you do not like them, no one else will. Make it easy for Google to read your URL.

c) Delete the link:

One of the easiest ways to fix a broken link is to get rid of them. However, it is important to keep in mind that when you are deleting a link, then you are actually removing all comments, views, and likes on the page. So, this option is only suitable if the link is unnecessary, or you can do it the same way again. If you cannot afford to lose the link, you can redirect or repair the URL for better results. Fix yourself from major trouble, or else your SEO will be disturbed.

Concluding remarks:

Broken links have the ability to break your sales and redirect your customers to your competitors. To stay up at your game, you must have the maintenance aspect sorted, including fixing broken links. There are so many negative impacts of broken links for your business, like it can divert your customers and even harm your SEO strategy. Thus, it is important to find out the right solutions, and for that, you need to have professional advice. If you are looking for such assistance, then let be your savior and fix issues with your site.

The broken link issue is preventable, and do not let this kind of issue impact your business in more than one way. If visitors find a broken link on your site, they will think that you are neglecting your business and will not proceed. Do not let that happen!

By Master James

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