Essential Tips to Enhance Your Immigration Points

Immigration is a tough decision but when you are going to take a risk, then take the bigger one. Canada is one of the countries that has easy immigration policies and processes. However, it would be best if you thought about the right visa category and the life after reaching Canada. Weigh out your pros and cons before you start the application process because everything seems tempting, but there are some hardships waiting at the end.

It would be best if you had a piece of good advice from the expert to make the final decision. Are you in that stage where you are rethinking your decision and need professional assistance? then check out the services of Canada Immigration from India so that you can proceed to the next step.

But if you are onto the application filing process, then you need to calculate the comprehensive ranking system (CRS) score. If you have a low score and want to apply still, then you might want to reconsider your application and timing. It is better to improve the score and then apply instead of waiting and still not getting the invitation. There are certain ways one can improve their CRS score, and this article is going to share some tips and tricks to do that.

Ways to Boost your CRS Score:

When you are researching about success stories of Canadian immigration, then you are pumped to get there as soon as possible. There are a number of requirements one has to look into before application, and CRS is the topmost requirement because if you do not have a good score, then it is useless to apply for the immigration process. There is always a way to improve your score, and the following are some of the ways to enhance the points and have a better chance:

Improve language score:

Your language ability is the most important aspect of getting in the pool of immigration. For Canada, you have to either have International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or a French score at CLB-9. The test will mark you based on the ability to speak, read, listen and write. The IELTS scores are subjective in nature, and one can always retake a test to improve the score. The better score you will have, the higher the CLB will be, resulting in better odds of application acceptance.

You can create the profile through Express Entry Program and check your score. If it is low, then take the IELTS exam again. Enhancing your skills will result in increasing your chance at immigration and permanent residency.

Get the employment offer:

A great job offer from any Canadian business or employer will increase your chances. In other words, it can make or break the application strength. Just for your knowledge, one can increase the score by 200 CRS points if they have a relevant job offer letter. What you can do is start applying, and once you have a solid opportunity, then you can update the profile. It is the era of the online world, and you should not worry about resources as long as you are exploring the internet. Each country has its own job-hunting platform, and Canada has, or you can even connect with professionals through LinkedIn.

Attain a provisional nomination:

Another way you can boost your CRS scores is by getting the provisional nomination (PN). This category will increase your score up to 600 points. This is because the cut-off points nowadays are 450. When you secure PN, then you can even be eligible for the draw of Express Entry. However, so many people are looking forward to such opportunities, so you have great competition, and you need to keep an eye on the updates from the provinces. You can approach different companies or even apply for their newsletter to get information about vacancies.

Also, you can use social media as a tool to connect with people and explore the right opportunities.

Get a postgraduate degree:

When the country is looking forward to skilled workers, then they need someone who has a great education. The first few questions in the ranking system are based on the education level. So, if you have low points on education, then you can enhance the score with a more advanced degree, diploma or certification. With the latest degree and higher education, you can improve your scores by at least 120 points. The country values and reward good education so you can get the benefit of a better score and degree for a better future.

What you can do is apply for a student visa program if you want to go there and study.

Consider spousal points:

When potential candidates are calculating the points, then they are not considering that their spouse or de facto partner will also help them have a better score. To say it simply, if your spouse is qualified and has the required skills and education, then they will strengthen your profile because the country love educated people. But you only want to list them if they meet the required education and language score because you do not want to have a negative effect on your application.

Use this aspect to improve the score and understand how these points can have a positive impact on the entire application and your chances in the draw.

Ending Note!

The comprehensive ranking system has made the entire application and immigration process subject. It is up to your qualification and skills that make you eligible. It is also a fair and merit-based system that gives you a chance to improve your score and get immigration even after you have filed the application. However, you can always take on expert assistance for better understanding. If you are looking for one, opt for Canadian immigration to handle your scenario and offer you the best advice.

The article has highlighted a few tips to improve your points, and taking the help of professionals will be the added advantage. You do not want to end up in regret just because you gave up on your application easily.

All the best for the application process!

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