Enrolling in an Ice Hockey League? Lindsay Hofford Explains How to Find the Best League

Lindsay Hofford has been around many hockey players throughout his career. He has seen many players with a wide variety of skill sets. Whether working with older veteran players or young players with zero experience, he knows that it is vital to put the right pieces together to help the team win and succeed. Assessing and understanding the ultimate goal can help to find the right league where they can thrive and develop and be part of something they helped build. The ultimate goal is to find the right ice hockey league for your child to find individual achievement and success as part of a large group. Here are some tips from Mr. Hofford on how to find the best league for your child.

Lindsay Hofford Details Why It Is Important to Understand the Skill Level of Other Players in the League

When finding the best fit for your child in a hockey league, consider some factors before choosing the best one. Lindsay Hofford encourages you first to do your homework. Know the skill set of the current players in the league. If they are far more advanced than your child, it can cause them to get discouraged and can be daunting for them. Alternatively, if the league is not up to your child’s abilities, they may become bored and unmotivated to develop their game further.

Lindsay Hofford Explains When You Should Consider a Rec League Versus a Competitive League

When is it a good idea to play in a rec league versus a competitive league? Lindsay Hofford shares that finding the best league for your child can be beneficial in the long run. Perhaps joining a competitive league may be the best choice for your player. They will be with players that have a single focus on winning and will sharpen their focus when it comes to a collective objective, or maybe a rec league could encourage your young player to take time to learn the game within the game and allow them to enjoy the game at their speed.

Lindsay Hofford Recommends Talking to Other Parents About the Coaches and the Kids Before Registering With a League

When making an informed decision, it is always best to use your resources and know that your feedback can be valuable depending on your overall objective. Lindsay Hofford strongly encourages you to open up lines of communication with other parents, coaches, and even players. First-hand accounts and direct feedback can assist you and your child and make a list of options easier to manage and narrow down before registering for a league. Be open to input and choose accordingly.

The important part about selecting the right league for a child is to find something to help your child grow and learn hockey without losing their passion or love for the game. Lindsay Hofford would like any parent to know that each child will learn at their own pace, and through that process, you will discover your child’s natural talents, which will lead to success and self-fulfillment.

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