Dylan Sidoo Counts on his Father David Sidoo For Inspiration

Those looking to have success in any industry are always looking for inspiration one way or another. Some might list prominent figures in their industry, drawing inspiration from some of the greats. Dylan Sidoo sees the good things his father David has done for his community and the success he has had. He learns from his father’s good to the community and worldwide.

Dylan Sidoo‘s father, David Sidoo, started from humble beginnings and worked hard to succeed. Along the way, he has stayed involved in philanthropy to give back and help others looking to have similar success as they age. It’s been a remarkable journey for David, and Dylan feels like no one better to draw inspiration. 

Early Work Ethic from David Sidoo

David Sidoo grew up in New Westminster, BC, where his family was mainly looking to make ends meet after relocating to North America. David saw his parents’ work ethic and realized that to have a better life financially. There are ways to take advantage of all the available resources.

While attending New Westminster Secondary School, David focused not only on his education but also on sports. He was first introduced to football, which gave him an outlet to work towards a goal and focus outside the classroom. Undersized and lacking early development in the sport compared to his peers. Eventually, David’s hard work paid off and earned him a college scholarship to play football for the University of British Colombia Thunderbirds.

Both Jordan and Dylan Sidoo’s passion for sports became ingrained throughout their childhood. Both brothers played multiple sports growing up. Jordan excelled in rowing to the point that he landed a spot as a coxswain on the Cal Berkley (University of California, Berkley) college varsity team. Dylan played Men’s Rugby in college for USC (University of Southern California).

College Success

Football proved to be a significant part of David’s life in college, but it also helped him stay disciplined and focused on getting a proper education. Even the best football players in the world still need something to fall back on if there is any injury.

To help make ends meet back home, Sidoo still found a way to work two jobs during his college days. He also took every opportunity to network with individuals on campus while getting excellent grades. Even at a young age, there was one eye on the future at all times. 

College football went well enough for Sidoo that he then had the opportunity to play professionally in the Canadian Football League. He spent most of his career with the Saskatchewan Roughriders and finished with the BC Lions for one season.

With money starting to come in from football, he became more and more interested in the business world. By 1988, he was ready to walk away from football, but he started several companies. 


His first significant success in building companies came with American Oil and Gas, Inc. He was one of the company’s founding shareholders, eventually sold to the Hess Corporation.

After dabbling with other projects, he founded Advantage Lithium. The success goes beyond money, as he’s constantly searching for different ways to change the world. In 2008, the Vancouver Sun added Sidoo to the top 100 South Asians, making a change for the better in British Columbia.

A Philanthropic Side

The money signs might grab the attention of any person looking towards David Sidoo for inspiration, but an underrated part of his career involves philanthropy service. Friends of David Sidoo have described him as one of the most giving men in the world. Not only will he dedicate the money, but time to help out causes he feels passionate about as well.

They are always looking to donate using, what he calls, the three T’s, Time, Talent, and Treasure. Since an early age, David has also included his sons, Jordan and Dylan Sidoo, with Sidoo Family Giving, giving the sons a chance to learn about giving back and its impact on many different causes.

How Dylan’s Fared So Far

Inspiration from David Sidoo has so far paid off pretty well. Not only has Dylan Sidoo started several businesses of his own, but he’s getting more and more involved in philanthropy without it being 100% tied to his family. The family will always have Sidoo Family Giving, but both Dylan and his brother Jordan Sidoo will have the opportunity to help on their own.

Through his father, David, he has learned that he needs to continue working hard to achieve his goals. David might not be the only source for inspiration, but he’s the biggest of them all at this point in his career. It’s worked out for him so far, and there’s still so much left for Dylan to achieve as an individual.

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