Difference between Deen and Islam

Difference between Deen and Islam

People have so many questions about religion and questions red to religion. So many people have the question, what is Islam? What is the definition of Deen? What is religion? Is Islam the religion or Deen? There are multiple types of misconceptions and questions about Islam and the following. There are roots to everything.

Similarly, there are roots to the words like Deen, Islam, and religion. Religion is based on faith, belief, and acceptance, which is the exact meaning of religion. Deen is known as a complete and pure system by Allah Almighty. In Islam, the acceptance of the oneness of God and sovereignty of Allah Almighty. Deen is known as a complete submission of mankind to one God. Islam is not a religion, not a Deen. Islam is based on a completely pure and true relationship with Allah Almighty.

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What is Islam?

Islam is the religion in which you have to believe in the oneness of Allah and have to worship him only. Islam is the world’s second-largest religion with 1.8 billion Muslims. According to scholars, Islam started in the 7th century, Islam has started from the mecca in the life of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), and today it is spreading rapidly worldwide. Islam has its five major pillars. Allah Almighty has ordered to fulfill these five pillars according to one’s capability.

What is Deen?

It is a word with three different senses, customs, judgment, and religion. In the Islamic world, the word Deen refers to accepting that Allah Almighty has also provided to follow up all the divine laws and live life according to the accurate ways provided by Allah Almighty and defined by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). The word seen has been considered a word that means the way to be followed.

Difference between Deen and religion

The difference between Deen and Religion is nothing but only a concept. The referred frame for both is different from each other. Both the matters have collective and individual qualities. As religion is individual and Deen is collective. In Deen, Religion, and Islam, the center and whom we should worship if only Allah Almighty. Religion stands for especially the rights of Allah Almighty. Deen has borders and limitations of religion. Deen has been approved and ordered to follow by Allah Almighty. The thought of both Deen and Religion is different do so many people. People follow these leads according to their perception and behavior of sense. In Islam, it has been told not to force mankind to follow the orders or the methods of Deen and religion approved by Allah Almighty. Deen is declared pure by Allah Almighty, and there is no question about it.

Islam is not a religion, and it is Deen.

Islam is declared a pure religion by Allah Almighty. It has its qualities and uniqueness, all the better economic systems, which have no touch of capitalism or community role. Islam promotes its systems and orders. This thinking ends the war between different ideologies and reelection. However, Islam guides mankind in a complete form to survive. Islam has a different administration system, government, democracy, autocracy, monarchy Islam has unique concepts to all these systems.

However, it is not correct to call Islam religion, as religion deals with the private affairs of life and society, but Islam does not do that. At the same time, Deen covers all the aspects and matters of life. Whether collective aspects or individual aspects. Islam is known as the religion of peace and prosperity.


Deen and religion are different and also Islam. As the religion word is universal and Deen is not. Deen belongs to the Prophet and the righteous guidance. In the case of Islam is not a religion. It is Deen. Islam has been declared as a pure and simple religion by Almighty Allah. Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) had told about all the right ways to perform the pillars of Islam and accept Islam in the right way. The difference between deen and Islam is that deen covers all aspects of life, and Islam itself is deen. Islam is the religion, and the Deen is the word.

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