Couples Therapy for Disputes, Conflicts and Misunderstandings

My main therapeutic framework is Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) combined with some tools from Imago Therapy.

Client Testimonials – Couples Therapy

I work mainly in clinic but also offer online therapy.

Is your relationship struggling? Are you weighed down by recurring conflicts, arguments and problems? Do you lack intimacy and spark?

Helping you to replace conflict, arguments and misunderstandings with positive communication in your relationship Helping you to resolve underlying, recurring disagreements and thorny issues to bring new intensity, intimacy, presence and spark to your relationship.

  • Do you have recurring but still unresolved conflicts?
  • Do you find it difficult to get the other person to listen without defending or attacking each other?
  • Do you talk without considering each other’s feelings?
  • Do you prefer to communicate rather than argue?
  • Do you want to rediscover the intimacy, warmth and spark you had at the beginning?

If so, couples therapy is the way to break the cycle:

  • Help each other understand and communicate, building a bridge instead of digging deeper and deeper!
  • Helping each other work through underlying conflict issues so that intimacy can be reestablished and sparks can fly.

In real life, you both have something important to say that you want your partner to hear and understand. However, you feel misunderstood or ignored by the other person. You don’t understand why because you sense how important your feelings and thoughts are, and that many of the problems would be solved if the other person responded positively to your statements.

You think you have explained your ideas clearly and understandably, but you are often met with rebuttals and run into walls instead of being listened to and understood.

Neither of you is being listened to, so you don’t have the energy to listen to each other, and anger, hurt and powerlessness ultimately get in the way. Why struggle when you can change negative patterns?

  • My goal as a couples therapist, parterapeut København, is to listen to both of you so that you can feel seen, heard and understood. This is a healing feeling and the foundation of couples therapy.
  • My goal is to provide you with the tools to reach out to each other and build bridges of communication.

How long should couples therapy last?

In my experience, the best results are achieved by attending couples therapy once a week for approximately 6-8 sessions or more. After the second session, an individual therapy session is scheduled to delve deeper into what each partner finds challenging in relation to the other and the attachment/childhood patterns triggered in the interaction with the partner. Then, the couple continues together. To change a negative pattern, one must understand it, so that’s what we work on here, while also providing tools to change the poor pattern and experience significant improvement. After that, sessions are scheduled every two weeks to integrate and consolidate the new skills until you feel that you are now stable, significantly better, and equipped to handle future conflicts. And quickly correct it if you were to fall back.

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