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You may love hookah; thus, investing in the best hookah is a sensible thing for you to do. If you do it, you can enjoy hookah-smoking at its best. You can buy the best hookah online from a reputable headshop. Once you buy your smoking device, you should use it like an expert to relish hookah-smoking. Here are things you must do to smoke hookah like an expert:

Make Sure to Always Clean Your Hookah:

Cleaning hookah regularly is essential to smoke hookah with the best experience. It will let your smoke taste better, and your hookah will aid you in smoking shisha flavours with optimal efficiency. Every hookah expert cleans a hookah to enjoy hookah-smoking with the best experience. You should do it too, to smoke hookah like an expert.

Mix Shisha Flavours:

You can also mix shisha flavours to have a delightful experience with hookah-smoking. Hookah experts do that already to make a perfect shisha mix flavour. You can call your shisha mix flavour whatever you want to call it. Thus, become a shisha flavour mix master to enjoy hookah-smoking as experts do. 

Deploy Natural Coals:

Quick light coals are what many hookah smokers prefer to smoke hookah, specifically on a camping trip. Nevertheless, natural coals are a better alternative to quick light coals. You may light natural coals for hookah-smoking like experts and have plenty of them. Additionally, you should have a solid heat management strategy to enjoy hookah-smoking with natural coals.   

Acclimate Your Hookah:

It is necessary to acclimate hookah if you smoke specific brands of tobacco. However, not all people agree with this viewpoint. Yet, acclimating hookah is what hookah experts do, and you should do it, too. You can leave your hookah out in an open container to let it acclimate to your smoking area. It will provide you with the best experience to smoke hookah enjoyably.

Smoke Hookah with Multiple Hoses:

You cannot enjoy shisha flavours pleasantly with a basic hookah, but with a multiple hose hookah. You can enjoy hookah flavours pleasantly without compromising on the taste of shisha flavours via a multiple hose hookah. Expert hookah smokers smoke multiple hose hookah. You can buy the best hookah online while investing in a multiple hose hookah and use a hookah like experts.

Transfer Your Shisha Flavours into Airtight Containers:

You can leave your shisha flavours in their original packaging. However, transferring them into separate airtight containers with a hand-labelled display will depict your love for shisha as an expert. Doing this may not seem logical to some people, yet it keeps flavours fresh, tasty, and better.

Perfect a Hole Poking Pattern for Hookah-Smoking:

The hole poking pattern is popular among hookah smokers for the bowl of hookah. You can do it while starting from the outside edge. Then, poke in concentrate rings while moving towards the center of the bowl. It is what expert hookah smokers do to smoke hookah with the best experience. You should follow them to use hookah like hookah masters.

Have a Hands-Free Hookah Setup:

Hookah experts also enjoy playing video games while smoking a hookah. Thus, they have a hands-free hookah setup for hookah-smoking and entertainment at the same time. You can also join them if you arrange a hands-free hookah setup for hookah-smoking.  


You may love hookah and want to buy the best hookah online for the same reason. Nevertheless, one must also use hookah like an expert to relish hookah-smoking at its full. Here are things that expert hookah smokers do to smoke hookah with the best experience:

  1. They clean their hookahs regularly.
  2. Expert mix shisha flavours more often than not for hookah-smoking.
  3. They deploy natural coals for hookah-smoking. 
  4. Hookah masters acclimate their hookahs.
  5. They smoke hookahs with multiple hoses.
  6. Experts transfer their shisha flavours into airtight containers.
  7. They perfect a hole poking pattern for a hookah bowl.
  8. Plus, they have a hands-free hookah smoking set up to play video games and smoke hookah simultaneously.

You can also enjoy hookah-smoking like an expert if you remember these things about hookah-smoking. Lastly, purchase your hookah from a  reputable headshop to get the best out of it.
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