Build a high retaining wall

Build a high retaining wall with the 9 cube-shaped concrete blocks per bag of LTL Retaining Wall With Concrete Blocks. Concrete block walls are simple to make and look great in any landscape. For even more vertical height, stack your wall with multiple blocks for a stunning look.

Build a gorgeous retaining wall with LTL Retaining Wall Blocks. These three-in-one concrete block planters are perfect for creating a beautiful sloped garden retaining wall for your landscape. Stack blocks for even more textural interest.

Use our retaining wall blocks to make a strong, attractive border for your garden or flower beds. A single bag of these blocks can be stacked 9 blocks high, and they come in an array of colors so that you can match them to your landscaping design.

Great for landscaping Soil retention to control erosion. Durable construction Made with concrete Increases vertical height with multiple blocks Available in four colors

No matter what size your retaining wall project is, LTL will make sure all the materials arrive on time for a stress-free building experience.

Easy to stack, the pure concrete landscape blocks will give you an instant wall to add height and architecture.

Why settle for a boring, low retaining wall? Our concrete block walls are a lower cost option that adds to your property’s value and appeal.

Our retaining walls block concrete are the solution you’ve been looking for. Create solid and stable walls with ease. They’re simple to assemble and you’ll love their endless applications.

Build an attractive wall that will be a great addition to any landscape.

All you need are a few supplies and some basic building skills to create a great-looking retaining wall that will hold back your dirt and water.

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Retaining wall with concrete blocks shown in slab form and also as dry stack.

We specialize in retaining walls from concrete block and mortar, to dry stack. We have worked hard to build a reputation of quality work. Our staff is eager to meet your needs.

Dry stack concrete block retaining walls are a cost-effective solution for commercial and residential applications.

Whether you choose to use wall forms as a clean, modern look or as traditional dry stack walls, we will give you the attention and prompt service to get your next project started quickly and completed on time.

Dry stack blocks are typically either traditionally quarried or cast concrete blocks stacked together with mortar on top. The lime mortar absorbs into the surrounding concrete, so, the stones retain their integrity for decades. In addition to the strength that dry stack walls provide, they also offer a contemporary look and feel.

Our retaining wall blocks are perfect for filling out uneven areas. They can be used individually or stacked to create an attractive and sturdy retaining wall.

It’s as straightforward as it gets. We have an amazing, easy-to-use product that performs better than other conventional retaining wall products.

We help you build the retaining wall you want in no time.

Whether you have a sidewalk that is wasting space or an entire driveway that needs to be covered, our retaining wall blocks will beautifully protect your environment.

Your landscaping will never have to be taken down or moved again, and we build hundreds of feet of retaining wall around our city every year for our customers.

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