Benefits of Prenatal Massage to Foster a Strong Bond between Mother and Baby

Throughout history and cultures, pregnant women have understood the value of touch and care for their infants. What more could be natural for a pregnant woman than to obtain that soothing touch when she is pregnant?

During pregnancy, a woman’s body will have to face several obstacles, changes, and stresses. She must adjust to her new bodily form, feelings, emotions, and changed physiologic functioning. It can also give her the extra attention she requires to nurture the new life growing inside her womb.

Prenatal massage has been shown in several studies to assist pregnant women in relaxing and reducing stress. It also helps with anxiety and melancholy, according to them. Prenatal massage, according to research, raises dopamine and serotonin levels while lowering cortisol and norepinephrine levels. It also improves sleep and enhances the immune system.

There are many advantages of prenatal massage for the mother and baby to foster healthy and strong bonds.

Offers relaxation with less stress

As per healthcare specialists, relaxation during pregnancy has been demonstrated to increase the mother’s and baby’s well-being and the chance of a good delivery experience. Prenatal massage reduces stress and promotes relaxation by giving emotional support and physical care, restoring bodily balance, lowering fear and anxiety, and boosting the immune system.

Comfortable labour

A woman’s back, abdomen, and pelvic floor muscles must stay relaxed to allow the uterus to labour without resistance and give birth with minimum effort. Massage therapy treatments for alleviating pain also enhance muscle and joint flexibility, which is important during labour, especially in the pelvis and legs—getting bodywork. At the same time, pregnancy aids in self-awareness and relaxation, necessary for actively engaging in the birth process.

Reduce pain and strain

The pelvis shifts forward as the baby develops, and the uterus expands, extending the abdominal muscles and lowering the back curve. Muscles, ligaments, and joints become weary, tight, and painful due to postural alterations and weight gain.

Weight-bearing joints like pelvis, lower back, hips, and ankles, benefit from massage therapy to relieve stress and discomfort. Sciatica in the buttocks and legs, as well as calf pains, are all connected to pregnancy. Massage and light stretching exercises might also aid to relieve pain in these areas.

Improves respiratory and GI functions

Most pregnant women feel shortness of breath and hyperventilation due to the uterus’s restriction of the diaphragm region. Common gastrointestinal system problems include indigestion, heartburn, nausea, and vomiting. Swedish massage, acupressure, and reiki are some of the techniques that might help you feel better.

Better blood circulation

To fulfil fetal demands, all blood components will peak during pregnancy; the plasma volume alone has expanded by forty percent by weeks 24 to 34. Side effects like swelling, varicose veins, and high blood pressure are common. For women, the most visible alteration is swollen legs and ankles.

Massages like Swedish and lymphatic aid to promote circulation, which in turn helps to minimize edema. Massage therapy benefits the mother and the baby’s tissue health by encouraging normal blood flow to the uterus, placenta, and fetus, improving oxygen and nutrition delivery, and speeding waste disposal.

Improves posture

During pregnancy, your body’s alignment transforms. The extra weight affects your centre of gravity, whether you have a little or huge baby tummy. Massage enhances muscular flexibility, which can help you maintain your posture and general capacity to take that extra weight while keeping your legs and back strong.

Gives immunity to both

Massage increases blood circulation, which allows oxygen and nutrients to move throughout the body while removing toxins. This ensures that both the mother and the fetus get the nutrients they need and boost the immune system.

No premature birth of the baby

Stress can be problematic for pregnant women. Because stress releases the hormone called cortisol in the body. Even if the baby isn’t fully mature, it may indicate that it is ready to be delivered. Pregnancy massage has been found in trials to alleviate anxiety and melancholy in pregnant women, lowering the risk of preterm delivery.

Benefits for the baby

Babies will benefit from increased blood circulation, healthy tissue, and flexible joints during pregnancy and labour. Hands-on healing energy techniques can also be employed to establish a deep connection with the baby in utero, offering the infant a sense of love and nutrition.


Massage treatment is safe for pregnant women at any stage of their pregnancy. However, before going to prenatal massage therapy in Calgary, you should visit your doctor first for a consultation.

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